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Dice another Day - 'OO' action with Pulp Alley

Having just about recovered from Hammerheads huge participation game, on Sunday the table was cleared to start putting together the games table for our Pulp Alley participation game for Partizan 2018 - 'Dice another Day'

I'll use this blog to keep you all updated with characters, leagues, scenarios and terrain as it develops.

The plan is to have the equivilant of 6 Pulp Alley table set up on a single big table with different scenarios for each. These will include The Marina, The Commercial Port, The Souk, Dr Evil's Lair, The Embassy & Ricks Cafe (because every body knows Rick, and Rick knows everything!)



A view of the marina. Blofields luxury yacht is alongside on his private jetty

Pulp Alley Dice another Day

To the left of the marina is the gritty commercial port.

Pulp Alley Dice another Day

Another view of the marina

Pulp Alley Dice another Day

The narrow, winding streets of the Medina.


Update 8th May Play Test

Pulp Alley Bond Action

Last night Doug, Paul & I got together to have a playtest of one of the Pulp Alley 'Dice another Day' Scenarios for our Partizan participation game. We had three leagues MI6, SMERSH and SPECTRE.

Pulp Alley Bond Action

Runors have it that Professor Evil has perfected a 'Death Ray' and is threatening the world that he will take out the main relay satalite that is beaming the 'World Cup Football' around the world. The worlds intelligence agencies have sent there finest to try to foil this dastardly plot and Blofield has also heard about it and fancies a bit of the action for himself.

Pulp Alley Bond Action

In the dockside medina, it is rumoured a fellow called Big Ghazi can be found and that he knows a man, who knows a man who put the airconditioning in for Professor Evil. This is a lost keys scenario, with 4 potential witnesses that can reveal the location of Big Ghazi. We also used 4 dogs that moved D6" at the start of each turn in a random direction, dragging a 3" radius extremely perilous area around with them.

Pulp Alley Bond Action

'No2', Blofelds best lacky has a chat with the guy by the coke machine, but is distracted by the dog that has jumped up and is worrying him.

Pulp Alley Bond Action

At the far side of the Medina, 004 moves into position after already getting the low down from a local. In the foreground Rosa Klebb crosses under the arch, she looks very cool considering that she has just used her steel tipped shoes to pick to death a Spectre associate who was already down and on the ground.

Pulp Alley Bond Action

Blofeld succesfully gets a lead from a local, right under the nose of a MI6 agent. Unfortunately at that point pretty much any MI6 or Smersh agent in the Medina takes a dislike to him and he goes down in a hail of crossfire.

Pulp Alley Bond Action

Meanwhile in the market place Spectre's minions are whittled down by the angry gogs. It is not good being a minion, activating in a perilous area!

A great time was had by all, and we eagerly await next weeks test game and the big event at Partizan.


Upate 15th May - Tramp Steamer & Professor Evils Lair

Over the last week terrain making has gone into overdrive and I have completed a Tramp Steamer for the commercial port and built three boards to go around Professor Evils Lair. Professor Evil's Lair is built using one of the Sally Terra-Former Bunker tiles. These are standard Terra-Former spec tiles that fit together with all of the other terrain tiles in the range with there embedded rare earth magnets. The tile has a 250mm square interior that is designed to take Terra-Block 50mm square interior blocks (or 50mm square blocks from other manufacturers such as Dwarven Forge).

Pulp Alley Bond 007 Action

The first wave of US Marines head for the jetty in assault boats.

Pulp Alley Bond 007 Action

Blofields Yacht alongside on its private mooring. What's that in the big crate on the fore deck? The carge manifest states 'humanitarian relief supplies', but I'm not convinced!

Pulp Alley Bond 007 Action

Sally IV, alongside the commercial quay begins to take on supplies. This is the first build of Sally 4th'sTramp Steamer kit. 600mm long, 100mm wide with access to all parts of the interior. I've added standing rigging to the fore and aft masts and derricks. This is an optional step, the model works with out it and it requires some round nose pliers and side cutters to bend and cut some wire staples, however I think it finishes the model of nicely.

Pulp Alley Bond 007 Action

The Jetty's are also made at Sally 4th and come in two varieties. Blofields private mooring is the 'Platform kit' and the jetties that the smaller yaucht's are alongside are the 'Harbour Walkways'

Pulp Alley Bond 007 Action

Behind the bustle of the busy port and city is a dig site. The 'excavation tile' is just made from a standard Terra-Former Plain Tile.. As the tile's are filled with 50mm deep polystyrene it is easy to create features below ground as well as above ground. I printed some top sections of Egyptian statues to appear half buried in the workings.

Pulp Alley Bond 007 Action

The cliffs hide a secret entrance to the disused and supposedly abandoned cold war bunker. However it appears that the new tenants are hard at work inside.

Pulp Alley Bond 007 Action

Here we see the concrete retaining walls of the main entrance to the disused bunker, and inside Professor Evil and chums put the finishing touches to their shiny new 'Death Ray'. I painted this up last week as well. It is the ''Dr Prometheus & his Death Ray' and 'Dr Promethius Electro Laboratory' sets from Pulp Figures

Links for further details:

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Terrain : Terra-Former Terrain Tiles

Arab Buildings : Outremer Range

Ships & Boats : Tramp Steamer Kit

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Marina / Harbour: Large Quayside Platform

                          Jetty / Pier

                          Arched Lattice Bridge

Miniatures : Copplestone Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang 

                 Artizan Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang range

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