28mm Scale Castles

28mm Scale Castles

Wargames Model Castles

Pre-painted and unpainted 28mm scale model castle kits for complete castles and individual castle components.

Wargames models for castles, fortresses, city walls and fortifications in a wide variety of styles and finishes.

  • All kits require assembly using PVA wood glue.
  • Models are highly detailed with etched stone and wood work.
  • Models may be painted using acrylic model paint and ink washes.

Our modular castle system allows you to choose exactly what you need to complete your individual castle product from complete castle kits with keep or hall, towers, gates, courtyard and walls or individual model pieces to build a unique castle just the way you want it.

Choices available:

Colour choices (Granite / Limestone / Sandstone / Slate / Whitewash) or Unpainted.

Wall style choices (Random Stone / Dressed Stone)

Crenellation style choices (Medieval / Italian / Assyrian / Indian / Roman / Carthaginian / Moorish) and for Lord of the Rings fans White Citadel and Horse Lords styles for building a model of Minas Tirith or Helms Deep.

Wall height choices (10' or 20' walls)

Tower choices (two, three or four story towers with a choice of arrow slits or crossbow slits)

A wide range of buildings and accesories are also available which can be used with all castle styles including a model keep and hall and other inerior buildings, courtyard, external stairs and hoardings.


Classic view