May '40 Miniatures

May '40 Miniatures

May '40 Miniatures offers a complete range of 28mm Dutch Army and Marine Miniatures for WW2 Gaming.

A great way to represent the 1940 invasion of Holland using Bolt Action, Combat Patrol or any other set of WW2 wargames rules.

May 40 Miniatures 28mm WW2

It's pre-order time. The marines and infantry in greatcoats are in their final stages of moulding. So not long now. Pre-orders can be done till sunday the 19th of february, 23:59 CET.

Ok, here's the deal. At the launch we did 2 pre order deals. Preselected platoon and army boxes. The marines and greatcoat infantry don't lend themselves that easy to doing the same. The marines don't have support weapons, for instance. So Sander came up with another plan.

A flat rate discount on all packs ordered. (these rates are about the same as on the platoon and army deals)

10% on orders of at least £42
15% on orders of at least £84
18% on orders of at least £126

Discounts count for all packs, old and new releases apart from the platoon and army packs which are already discounted, but every order does have to include at least one newly released pack from the marines or greatcoat infantry,

Squad packs will include randomly picked miniatures.

Discounts will be worked out once orders are received, and refunds will be made via Paypal as it is to complicated for web site to do automatically.

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