Terrain & Landscaping: Terra-Formers

Terrain & Landscaping: Terra-Formers

Terra-Formers are the foundations, if you like, for building great looking terrain. The system uses precision laser cut 3mm thick MDF components and strong rare-earth magnets to build perfectly square one foot frames that are held together magnetically to prevent continental drift when gaming. Different side profiles are available including hillsides, roads, rivers, streams and canals ensuring that these features match up perfectly between boards.

*** Kickstarter Campaign starts on 2nd June ***

Campaign includes canals, streams, rivers, coastline, cliffs, underground caves and lairs, trenches and much more...


Kickstarter runs 2nd June - 30th June 2017



The system is based around precision laser cut frames that are made from a base and four sides that have different profiles (flat, hill slope, road, river, stream, canal etc). These profiles mean that each tile that you make will line up perfectly with the tile next to it that has the same profile. The side pieces each have two holes two fix the rare earth magnets in that are supplied with each kit. The rare earth magnets hold the tiles together when the terrain is being used.

Assembling Terra-Former tiles as as easy as 1-2-3

Step 1

Hill tile frame
Hill tile frame

Glue frames together using wood glue. Place a piece of masking tape between the holes, apply a couple of drops of superglue to hold the rare earth magnets in place, ensuring that left and right magnets are placed with opposite polarity.

Step 2

Hill tile polystyrene
Hill tile polystyrene

Drop a 12" square of 2" (50mm) thick polystyrene into frame. This is widely and cheaply available from any DIY store or builders merchants. Glue in place with 'No More Nails' type adhesive. Carve polystyrene to shape of edge profiles using a utility knife.

Step 3

Hill tile textured
Hill tile textured

Texture tiles. I paint mine with PVA glue and sprinkle with coarse sand mix. When this has dried I paint with 'Bitter Chocolate' masonry paint and drybrush with household emulsions.


Terra-Former terrain works with 6mm, 15mm, 20mm & 28mm scale miniatures and the full range of historical, fantasy and sci-fi periods and genres.

Take a look in our gallery for photographs of terrain in use with miniatures of different scales.



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