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Pulp Alley...From Another World

Pulp Alley...From Another World

Last week Dave Phipps and I got together over Zoom to play 'From Another World', Pulp Alley Scenario of the Month 36 (December 2020).




​Here's the video we recorded of the game.


'From Another World' is inspired by the 1950's Pulp Sci-Fi classic, 'The Thing'. For those who have not seen the movie, (which I highly recommend), the story takes place in a remote Arctic research station. An alien spaceship has crashed nearby, the scientists want to study it, the military men want to blow it up! The Pulp Alley ‘From Another World’ scenario does a pretty good job of representing the main plot elements from the film. The scenario can be played solo, against another league or cooperatively. Dave and I decided to play cooperatively, 'The Visitor' is pretty tough so shooting at each other felt like it would lead to diasaster for all.


The scenario is played within the Arctic research station, which has six rooms and a connecting corridor. I used some Terra-Blocks to put a building together. The special cards for the scenario detail five events / plot points that occur in different rooms. One card is turned at the start of each of the first five turns. During the sixth turn the big showdown occurs in the corridor, where the characters try to trap The Visitor. Solving the initial plot points represent learning about the Visitor and identifying its weaknesses. For each minor plot point / encounter passed the difficulty of the final encounter is reduced by one success.


Four of the rooms also contain Bystanders (Carrington, Nikki, Scott & Tex). These characters can be persuaded to join your league if the relevant challenge is overcome.


When you draw an encounter card, a D6 is rolled. 1-3 the plot point is placed and 4-6 The Visitor is placed.


We were unlucky and The Visitor turned up on three turns. He is very tough, being made of vegetable matter, he can absorb a lot of damage. He is also horrific. We had lots of attempts to shoot and melee with the creature and bizarrely the only time we did some damage and drove him off was when a character failed a Horror Check, was overcome with blind panic, ran into the room and emptied his revolver with his eyes closed!


Turn six is the big show down. This represents building a trap in the corridor. We made a video of the game, which Dave is currently editing. Once completed I'll add a link, so do not want to spoil the surprise and give away how we faired against 'The Visitor'!


I have made a set of Free PDF Pulp Alley character cards for The Visitor, Nikki, Carrington, Scotty and Tex together with the characters in the leagues that Dave & I played.Click here to download them.

Additional Links.

Sally 4th Pulp Alley Store

The miniatures are from Sally 4th Classic Movie Miniatures range

The Scenario is Pulp Alley Scenario of the Month 36, From Another World. We have put together a special discounted deal that includes the miniatures and Pulp Alley Cards.

The terrain is made fromTerra-Block modules

The miniatures are mounted on Sally 4th clear Perspex bases

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