Designers Workbench

Designers Workbench (15th May 2015)

Details of additional products that we are working on that will be coming soon.

13th May 2015

Photo Realistic Pub Interior Set

Work continues of the photo realistic building range, adding interior detail sets for gamers wanting to use our buildings for skirmish or role playing.








2nd December

Pulp Alley Clear Templates

Pulp Alley Burst Template


Pulp Alley Blast Template

5th September

Terra Blocks - Loading Bay

Terra-Blocks Loading Bay


7th May 2014

Sally 4th Outremer Range.

Here at Sally 4th, we have been huge fans of Saga every since it was first released. Lewis and I have had many great Saga wargames with our Norman and Saxon warbands, however our big interest is the medieval period so we have been looking forward with great expectation to the release of Saga Crescent and Cross to get into some serious crusader action. The imminient release of Crescent and Cross has spurred us into action to design a complete, new terrain line for wargaming in the Holy Land.

Saga Crescent & Cross gaming

A range of pre-painted, 28mm scale laser cut kits for gaming in the Holy Land from Sally 4th.

Ideal for Saga Crescent and Cross, Deus Vult, Hail Caesar and many other medieval games systems.

Terrain for Saga Crescent and Cross

Release schedule includes:


Breached Walls

Towers (In Line, Interior & Exterior Corner)

Moorish Gateway

Middle Eastern Houses (Small, Medium, Large, L Shape)



Market Stalls

Raised Courtyard

Beseigers Encampment

Siege Equipment

Saga Crescent and Cross game

1st products to be released next week, full range to be released over 3 month period.


9th July

Much excitment around the Sally 4th Siege Equipment line.. this is what we have so far, much more in the pipeline!!







4th March

After much lobbying from the guys and gals on Two Hour Wargames, we have finally concluded our experiments on pre-painted buildings.

If we get sufficient positive feedback we will over the next couple of months make the whole of our range available as either an unpainted

or a pre painted kit.


Please email me at to tell me what you think about prepainted option, good or bad. We will always have an unpainted

option, and will only make a pre-painted option if that is what gamers want. To enable them to be produced at an acceptable cost they are

cut from pre-painted sheets and I think the process introduces a shabby, weathered look that is quiet pleasing.



The other release for this week is a 2 Story Arts and Crafts style house in 15mm scale.

This should be available from our store by the weekend!



It is built in 3 sections, so figures can be placed on both levels. We've painted our prototype in New England Red as we're getting a bit tired

of painting houses off-white!






10th February

Winter is coming...

Work in progress on Castle Forge to add t our 28mm Castle System..





27th January

New range prompted by request from All Things Zombia players on Two Hour Wargames.

15mm modern urban buildings





Work continues on 28mm Castle and fortification range.

New release for next week - stone staircase



10th January - Double width castle wall with 50mm walkway.

Following request earlier today from The Miniatures Page, we've put this together for a release next week.







31st December - Finished Russian Farmhouse




This weeks new release is a bit of a change from the castle components we have been designing recently. Over the last two or three months Warlord Games’ Bolt Action WW2 platoon level game has been a regular favourite. My good friend and gaming buddy, Nick commented on the lack of rural buildings available in 28mm for the Eastern Front, and kindly supplied some photos of the type of thing that he was thinking of.

The first release in this line is a Russian Farmhouse which features a covered veranda. I was drawn to the window detail on the original building which is from The Ural; particularly the carved detail above the panes and the shutters and the chimney roof, which I think have come out quite well in the finished model. The finished building measures 210mm x 160mm. The roof is removable and reveals a detailed interior with a large living area and two bedrooms. The shutters on the windows can be modelled either open or closed, as can the doors, but I prefer to leave the doors unglued. The roof is thatched, which is modelled from fur fabric, which is supplied, cut to size in the kit. The fabric is glued to the roof former, brushed over with watered down PVA glue which is then combed to form a thatch effect. The model kit is precision laser cut from 2mm and 3mm MDF and is supplied unpainted. I choose to paint the components prior to assembly using Army Painter sprays, apart from the roof which I painted with household emulsion, wood stain and then drybrushed with Games Workshop Bleached Bone acrylic. The pieces that represent unpainted wood such as floor boards, interior doors and roof supports were left unpainted.

Although the building was made for WW2 wargaming, I doubt if the design of Russian farms and cottages has changed much since the medieval period so the building could as easily be used for Medieval, Seven Yea



Week Commencing 31st December 2012

20' Wall section with two hinged double gates


In line Tower Kit