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D&D5E Skirmish - Defiance in Phlan: The Goblins Lair

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D&D has got to be one of my favourite games of all time. I started playing at school at about 15, around the time of the Red Box edition and just before AD&D was released and those early campaigns such as Against the Giants and Expedition to the Barrier Peaks and Tomb of Horrors still create a wave of nostalgia. I played a lot of AD&D at college and then it tailed of a bit due to lack of enough players to get together at any one time. A couple of years ago I started playing 5th Edition, and had a fantastic campaign that lasted about a year before scheduling became an issue. At the moment our RPG group is playing a campaign using Fate set in the world of Harn, which is a whole lot of fun.  Nick & I have often talked about the feasability of using D&D as a 2 player skirmish system, so that we can enjoy the richness of the game system and build up familiarity with the core rules at times when we can't get four or five playres together for a game.

Dungeons and Dragons DD5E Skirmish Game

A couple of weeks ago, we gave the concept a trial, it worked well and was a whole lot of fun. We used one of the encounters from the first module from Defiance in Phan, The Goblins Lair.

Many months back I made a set of 3D printed terrain for earthy cave's and lairs using the excellent terrain tiles from Dungeonworks. I tried out a new approach to painting the tiles. They were all given my usual terrain undercoat of Sandtex Chocolate Brown. I then used real earth from my garden for colouring and texture. The earth was prepared by drying out on a baking tray in the oven and then sieving through a fine sieve to remove stones, twigs and larger particles. The dryed and sterilised soil was then mixed 4 parts soil to one part chocolate brown tile grout.  The terrain pieces were then painted with pva glue and the earth mixture was sieved on to it. When it had dried I then sprayed watered down PVA glue and Isoproponyl to seal the finish. Rocks and tree stumps were then drybrushed up from black. I'm very pleased with the results, as you can't really get anything that looks more like earth and soil than real soil!

Dungeons and Dragons DD5E Skirmish Game

Our group of adventurers enter the lair. The party consists of an Elven Mage, a Dwarf Fighter a Human Fighter and a Halfling Rogue.

Dungeons and Dragons DD5E Skirmish Game

The sneaky Goblins have some hidden arrow slits that they use to open fire on the party. The mage hurls a fireball at the wall, hoping to catch the goblins through the slits. The 3/4 cover save however saved them from any harm.

Dungeons and Dragons DD5E Skirmish Game

The Dwarf makes it through the passage way and charges the goblin archers.

Dungeons and Dragons DD5E Skirmish Game

The party set of a trap in the entrance way. Although it did not cause any harm to the party, it did alert the rest of the Goblins to intruders. Two Goblins head off to charge the intruders, while the third heads to the wolf cages to unleash there fiercesome pets.

Dungeons and Dragons DD5E Skirmish Game

The two wolves charge the Mage and bring him to the ground unconsciouse. Unfortunately he fails two death saving throws before the Halfling is in a position to attempt first aid, which he failed and the Mage passed away.

Dungeons and Dragons DD5E Skirmish Game

The Dward fighter, heavily outnumbered holds his own long enough for the rest of his party to coome to his assistance. Eventualy the Goblins are dispatched and the three remaining companions, bloody and weary push forwards down a narrow corridor towards the waiting Bugbear and his minions.

Dungeons and Dragons DD5E Skirmish Game

This worked very well and we are looking forward to playing some more.

Links for further information.

The Dungeon Tiles are 3D printed from designs from Dungeonworks

The Bugbear is from Otherworld Miniatures

The clear bases are Sally 4th Clear Bases

The Dwarf & Elf Mage are miniatures from Mantic Games Dungeon Saga

The Human Fighter is made from Gripping Beast Saga Plastic pieces

The Goblins are from Games Workshops Middle Earth range

The Wolves are from North Star Miniatures


The next fantasy miniatures gaming article that I am planning to write will be a first try out of Saga - Age of Magic, the eagerly awaited swords and sorcery supplement for the well established Saga game from Studio Tomahawk. We've got our pre-order in so hoping that we will have a copy by the end of next week.

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