Type 24 British Pillbox


Type 24 British Pillbox

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The type 24 pillbox is an irregular hexagon in plan. The rear wall is the longest at about 14 feet (4.3 m); this has the entrance with an embrasure on either side. The other walls vary from 7–8 feet (2.2–2.5 m), each having a single embrasure. The embrasures are suitable for rifles or light machine guns. Internally there is a Y-shaped anti-ricochet wall (the top of the Y nearest the entrance); the internal wall also helps support the roof. The type 24 was always built to at least bullet-proof standard of 12 inches (30 cm) thick, but often was thicker.

The type 24 is the most common type, with more than 1724 recorded as being extant.

This is an easy to assemble MDF terrain piece for 28mm games. Part of our Operation Sea Lion British 28mm range. This kit is perfect for World War Two miniature games such as Bolt Action, Combat Patrol and Chain of Command and is particularly useful for use in Campaign: Sealion, the Warlord Games Bolt Action supplement released on 18th May 2017.
Model in photograph has been assembled and textured with sand then painted.

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