Pre Order Deal:The Fae Revanche


Pre Order Deal:The Fae Revanche

Product no.: RBEKPO2
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Pre-order deal available until end of May for shipping early June.

The Fae Revanche Pre Order Deal contains everything available for The Red Book of The Elf King. This includes everything you need to play the game with every accessory, alongside all the miniatures available including the exclusive Ehlim The Elf King miniature.

This deal includes:

1x Companions 1

1x Companions 2

1x Companions 3

1x Companions 4

1x Companions 5

1x Companions 6

1x Vachel Goldenhand

1x Saylian Trollblood

1x Orelea of The Long Isles

1x Meksant Farseer

1x Lowic The Hero of The Ecanna

1x Alloysian of The Marshes

1x Cufnir The Betrayer

1x Skeggni The Pel Witch

1x Brux of The Out isles

1x Ehlim The Elf King

1x Trolls1

1x Trolls2

1x Mortals1

1x Mortals2

1x The Red Book of The Elf King Rules

1x Deck of Glamour Spell Cards

1x The Red Bag of The Elf King

1x Dice Set

1x All Game Tokens

This Pre Order Deal contains fourty ‘heroic’ 28mm white metal miniatures supplied with 30mm display bases. Supplied unpainted. Sculpted by Steve Saleh. Alongside The Red Book of The Elf King Rules, The Deck of Glamour Spell Cards, a Dice Set, all Play Tokens and The Red Bag of The Elf King.

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