Terra-Block 5cm x 10cm square tile 1 wall (Pack of 4)

Terra-Block 5cm x 10cm square tile 1 wall (Pack of 4)

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Terra-Blocks™ … Where do you want to play today?

Pack contains 4 pre-painted Terra Blocks™ 5cm x 10cm tiles with 1 wall.

Floor painted slate grey, walls painted granite grey.

Terra-Blocks™ are supplied as a pre-painted kit, requiring simple assembly using PVA wood glue.

Terra-Blocks™ can be used to represent a wide range of gaming environments including dungeons, cellars, sewers, star ship interiors, temples, warehouses, factories, offices, apartments etc…

Terra-Blocks™ are manufactured from 3mm pre-painted Medite and 2mm mdf.

Terra-Blocks™ ©Sally 4th (C.Abbey) 2014

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