Crew Accomodation 120mm x 180mm

Crew Accomodation 120mm x 180mm

Product no.: SFC55B
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Wall and floor tile pieces to make a 120mm x 180mm pre-painted room complete with furnishings (6 sets of bunks and lockers & table and chair set)

Floor pre-painted light grey, wall pre-painted white, bunks pre-painted dark grey, table and chairs unpainted.

Part of Sally 4th modular terrain range.

All pieces in range slot together meaning that you can choose to glue or leave unglued so that pieces fold flat for easy storage.

Great for inside of space ships, moon bases, bunkers or any other science fiction setting including Warhammer 40K Zone Mortalis style games.

This includes the following individual products

Bunks and Lockers
6 unit(s)
£2.50 / 1 unit(s) *
Room Kit 120mm x 180mm
1 unit(s)
£8.95 / 1 unit(s) *
Fast Food Tables x 2 Terra-Blocks
1 piece(s)
£4.00 / 1 piece(s) *

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