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Star Patrol: Six to beam down

Star Patrol: Six to beam down

Last Thursday Mike and I got together for a game of Star Patrol.

I am a big fan of Star Trek, so the idea was to start working out some stats for Prime Team style missions. The Prime Team was a concept that came out of Star Fleet Battles & Prime Directive RPG as a pose to the Star Trek TV & Movie line. The idea was that it did not make any sense to send a first contact away team made up of the senior bridge officers plus whoever they ran into on the way to the transporter room. A Prime Team was like a modern Special Forces team, highly trained and motivated individuals specialising in ground combat, survival skills, languages, first aid, communications etc.


This is Prime Team Charlie Two from the Confederation Cruiser, Titan in orbit around Soror a planet in the Betelgeuse system, investigating a sub space beacon detected amongst the wreckage of a jump capable vessel. Unfortunately Soror was found to be inhabited by intelligent but agresive apes. We defined Prime Team members as Guts = Elite, Aim = Elite, Melee = Regular, Endurance = 3, Reaction = 4 armed with Phasers using the Energy Beam Weapon Pistol stats from the main rule book.

On beaming down to the planet the Prime Team members moved in to cover and the Fleet Comms Officer started to work investigating the beacon.


Unfortunately, the team had beamed down in to the center of an ambush. Apes armed with automatic carbines engaged the team from all directions, almost immediately they materialised.

We made Apes Guts=Green, Aim=Green, Melee=Regular, Endurance=3, Reaction=4


The Prime Team members each had there own activation dice. They fired as Elite, but took the right shift for not having fire co-ordinated by a leader, however long range was 8" and the EBW Pistol could only fir one shot. The Apes on the other hand were organised into units of five figures. Although they were poor shots, the carbine had a range of 16", meaning they could put a lot of fire down, and could afford to have a leader co-ordinating the teams fire. The extra point of Endurance also meant that a single shot, even if it was a critical 3 wound shot was not going to incapacitate an ape.


The Apes quickly over ran the Prime Teams position, without having any apes incapacitated. The Apes were brutal in close combat, the Prime Teams phaser not being sufficient defence against the Apes who could fight three against one. Four Prime Team Members were captured before the last two survivors beamed to safety.


The four prisoners were taken to a nearby medical research facility, where the Apes were endeavoring to learn more about themselves by experimenting on humans. This time The Titan beamed down a more heavily armed Colonial Marine detachment consisting of a Squad Leader, Fleet Laison Officer, Sniper, Gun Team and Assault Team.


To rescue a prisoner a Confederation figure just needed to pass a test by drawing a card with 3+ hits. Beaming down at the corridor intersection, there was not so much cover.


Marines were dispatched to move into the rooms with prisoners, while the remainder attempted to dominate the corridors.


Unfortunately this clueless and unlucky Fleet Liason Officer had three consecutive attempts to hand over a comms badge before they were both recaptured by the Apes!


Sunray is down! The Squad leader takes a serious wound and is incapacitated, pinning all Confederation units, reducing there effectivness by 50% as they now only activate on black cards!


The team sniper makes the best use of the cover from a hospital trolley, but things are not looking good for the Marines.


The Apes manage to secure all the prisoners and the rescuing crew for a complete victory.

Well played by Mark and his Monkeys!

While we did not achieve the results we were looking for, development is all about trying things out and refining them.

I am going to define Star Trek weapons, in a 'Prime Team' supplement. Research into the fiction reveals that there are three types of Phaser.

Type 1 has a range of 30 Metres and is really only useful on-board ship.

Type 2 is the main Prime Team hand weapon with a range of 90 Metres

Type 3 is a Phaser Rifle with a range of 400 Metres and can be equipped with an underslung photon grenade launcher

There is no record of a phaser ever running out of power, so I'm going to try a rule that they ignore 'Out of Ammo' results

They can be set to fire a tight or a wide burst, so at short and medium range they will get multiple shots.

Phasers set to stun! Is normal Federation practise. Stun means that a figure is incapacitated so maybe we need to try and hit from a phaser incapacitates a target.

Useful Links

The Prime Team and Marines are from Sally 4th Landing Party Range

The Apes are the Ape World. This is a project 'In the Pipeline' click here if you would like to find out more

The rules used were 'Star Patrol:Genesis' by Buck Surdu. They are available as a free downlaod

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