Painting Wood

When I started painting the Crossed Lance jousting scenery I was looking for a simple but effective method of painting which would be easy to replicate as I had a lot of scenery to paint for Vapnartak in not a lot of time.

The materials that I use are quick drying woodstain, brown / black Ink Mix, light grey and gun-metal acrylic paint.

This is the piece that we are going to paint, part of the crossed lances tilt barrier. This technique is good for any wooden objects, we use it on Sally 4th siege equipment and wooden items on castles such as doors and walkways. The model has been assembled using PVA wood glue.

The first stage of painting is to cover everything with quick drying wood stain. It is important to work this into the burnt edges as well as the flat faces as it seals the wood for the next stage and helps to bind the parts together.

When the wood stain is dry brush a liberal covering of watered down black/brown ink over the whole model. This helps to define the gaps between planks and contrast in the corners.

Using a large brush (I use a GW Tank Brush, but other large brushes are available) lightly drybrush light grey all over the model. I used Army Painter Ash Grey.

Follow this up with a light dry-brush of a gunmetal / silver paint (I used Army Painter Gunmetal). This gives a realistic silver sheen that can be seen in seasoned woods in the real world.

Cover the base with PVA glue and sprinkle some sand and then flock on to the base to match the rest of your terrain.

This technique can be used on all sorts of other models such as log cabins or wooden siege equipment.

This technique has been used on all of the producs listed below.

Each item has a gallery of photographs attached to it, so have a browse to see how this technique has been applied.

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Product no.: SF07

Precision Laser cut Kit to construct 18" wooden tilt barrier in 3 sections, barrier divided into 1" sections for easy measuring.


£12.00 *
Delivery weight: 100 g
Product no.: SF07a

Precision Laser cut Kit to extend SF07 18" wooden tilt barrier into a 42" tilt barrier to suit Steel and Steed


£12.00 *
Delivery weight: 100 g

, plus delivery