Wooden Roadway (28 mm scale)

Wooden Roadway (28 mm scale)

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Advance your siege engines over a wooden roadway to your enemies walls.

Kit contains two sections of wooden roadway 100mm wide, 90mm long.

Not the most glamorous model we have released, but construction of a wooden roadway from your siege lines to the enemies wall was an essential military engineering task if you wish to deploy wheeled penthouses or siege towers.

This is an easy to assemble laser cut mdf kit, designed for 28mm or 25mm models.

The kit is supplied unpainted.

The only product you need to assemble this model is PVA Woodwork Adhesive.

Miniatures in photographs are Games Workshop Warhammer Citadel Miniatures, Perry Miniatures and Fireforge Medieval Miniatures from my personal collection and appear to show the scale of the model.

Miniatures are not included.


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