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Anthropomorphic Female Mages

Anthropomorphic Female Mages

Over the Christmas break, I had some fun building four anthropomorphic female mages for use in my Frostgrave, Saga and Thud and Blunder Warbands

Mouse Mage

Pictures above is Freda (a Dachshund and 'The Mouse'

The figures are made using parts from the excellent Frostgrave Plastic Wizards 2 box set combined with metal anthropomorphic heads and tails from Albedo Critter Conversion Kits.

Fox Mage

Pictures on the bridge are Gwaynor the Fox and Matilda the Badger (I do love that pupeteer arm from the Frostgrave plastic wizard set)

Mouse Mage

The figures are all mounted on Sally 4th clear plastic bases, so prior to assembly I clipped the plastic bases off using Games Workshop side clippers.

Frostgrave Wizards

Arms were glued to bodies first using plastic glue.

Frostgrave Wizards Sprue

A small hole was then drilled in neck and back to take the locating pins for the animal heads and tails.

Pictured Below Albedo Critter Conversion Kits. Each pack contains 5 x animal heads and tails for conversions.


H10gi_-_Head_Badger,_Cloak H24__8211__Head_Toki


The figures were then primed, painted with acrlics and glued onto the clear bases.

Links for further details.

Frostgrave Plastic Female Wizards

Albedo Critter Conversion Kits

Clear Perspex Bases

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