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Woodland Villager Conversions

I do like to have variety in the miniatures that I use both for Role Playing Games and Tabletop Skirmishes.

Woodland Villagers

I particularly like to be able to set the scene with groups of villagers, who are not heavily armed or in aggresive poses going about their village. This sort of figure is always a bit difficult to track down for historical or mainstream fantasy so doubly so for anthropomorphic villagers. I was very excited when I first heard about the 'Folk Rabble' set that Fireforge Games were planning as it sounded like they would be an ideal base for conversions for both lightly armed militia as well as village folk going about their daily business.

Last weekend, I had a spare half an hour so picked up a box of Folk Rabble and some 'Critter Conversion Kit' heads and tales and started work on building some 'Woodland Villagers'.


The sprue from Fireforge Games has six different bodies, four male and two female together with loads of options including hay forks, bills, scythes, axes, flails, buckets and torches and much more.

It is very easy to but together villager poses as well as militia style poses.  Once I had glued the arms to the bodies with plastic glue, it was very easy to glue the metal anthropomorphic heads and tails from the 'Critter Conversion Kits' in place with a drop of superglue.


I'm looking forward to gettting these characterful models painted up and to use them in a game. I'm hoping that I'll get them painted up in the next couple of weeks, so will add some photos when I have.

In case anyone is interested in having ago, I've put together a little Woodland Villagers Conversion that contains a sprue of six models plus six random metal conversions heads and tails.

Woodland Villagers Conversion Kit

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