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Who says shopping is boring?!


This April, we are giving between 15% and 28% off our Shopping Mall Terra Blocks, Mantic Games' Walking Dead Miniatures and Warlord Games Project Z At a minimum, you will receive 15% discount but with shopping basket discounts, you could get an even bigger bargain of 28% off : - )


Urban Blocks/Shopping Mall

The Walking Dead, Project Z and Shopping Mall Deals


Take a look at the options below (you can click on the photo to see further details), select your Deal and then at Check Out make a note of which items you want.


The Walking Dead: All Out War Miniatures Game Core SetWalker Booster Miniatures Booster Shane   

The Walking Dead: All Out War              Walker  Booster                                   Shane Booster                  

Miniatures Game Core Set 


Miniatures Booster LoriMiniatures Booster AndreaMiniatures Booster Carol

               Lori Booster                                   Andrea Booster                           Carol Booster


Miniatures Booster Morgan Miniatures Booster Rick On Horse Tyreeses Booster

           Morgan Booster                         Rick on horse Booster                            Tyreese Booster    

Negan Booster Glenn Booster

      Negan Booster                                    Glenn Booster

 Urban Block Alpha Urban Block Bravo Urban Block Charlie 

         Shopping Mall Alpha                    Shopping Mall Bravo                   Shopping Mall Charlie


Urban Block Delta Urban Block Echo - Shopping Mall Corner Urban Block Foxtrot - Shopping Mall Straight (2 Shops)

       Shopping Mall Delta                      Shopping Mall Echo                    Shopping Mall Foxtrot      

 Urban Block Foxtrot - Shopping Mall Straight (2 Shops) Block_Hotel_3

       Shopping Mall Golf                       Shopping Mall Hotel


Project Z - The Zombie Miniatures GameProject Z - Spec Ops Team 

         Project Z - The Zombie              Spec Ops Booster 

             Miniatures Game

Project Z - Male Survivors Project Z - Female Survivors Project Z - Zombie Horde

        Male Survivors Booster         Female Survivors Booster                 Zombie Hoard Booster

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