About us

Sally 4th is a new business designing and manufacturing precision laser cut kits for historical and fantasy gamers.  We are initially focusing on castles and associated medieval and ancient buildings. I have been gaming for 3 decades now and have always been fascinated by castles. I've scratch-built a fair few, brought castle kits in resin, plaster and plastic, and even had a go myself 20 years ago manufacturing castle components in resin, but none of these were quiet right. I believe that precision cut mdf offers the perfect medium for this type of modeling and have finely come up with a product that I'm happy with.
Sally 4th's castle range are robustly constructed, very stable (I hate walls that fall over when my beautiful miniatures are balanced on top of them!), easy to assemble and paint and offers an expandable system. Our models are very detailed with an option for towers with interiors featuring spiral staircases. I am very excited by this project and have a to do list of around 40 additional castle pieces to add to the range, including ruined options, alternative crenellations and interior features such as chapels and stables.

Classic view