Fan requested pre-orders

As we have had a lot of requests from fans for new poses and new species we have set up a fan driven system to enable those packs that fans would really like to get into production.

This is how it works:

  1. Every month we ask for suggestions for new poses, species, arms etc on Facebook & ACP164 Forum
  2. A poll is run so fans can vote for which of those suggested packs they would buy
  3. The top three get costed up to see how many packs we would need to sell to break even, covering sculpting, 3D master, pre-production and production mould.
  4. These products get added to this page with a quantity in stock set to the number of packs we would need to sell to break even. These can then be pre-ordered.
  5. When the quantity gets down to zero we will get our sculptors working on the pack straight away and get them shipped out to those who have pre-ordered

Update 2nd September 2020

These packs will be available to pre-order until 13th September. If they are funded by then they will go into production, if not we will refund backers and we will take them off our to-do list for now.

Once we have run kickstarter in October, we will relaunch this feature in November, but with a difference, we will take suggestions and have a vote at start of month, work out the cost to break even on what's decided, make them available to pre-order for 10 days, if funded go to production, if not refund and put model to bottom of list. This way if you back a pre-order model you know it is going to get into production within a couple of months.


Classic view

, plus delivery