Spies and Patriots 28mm Wargames Miniatures

Spies and Patriots 28mm Wargames Miniatures

Brigade Games has recently completed a Kick Starter project to bring this excellent range of 28mm pulp spys and villains to the tabletop. The Kickstarter completed on 30th May. Brigade Games have invited us to make this range available for pre-order for two weeks from 6th June to 21st June, so that any gamers who missed the kickstarer or who are based in Europe and did not want to order from the US can pre-order these miniatures at kickstarter / pre-release prices and get there hands on the kicker Freebies!

From the 1960's and early 70's Cold War era, these 28mm Pulp Spies and Henchmen miniatures will add some personality to your pulp games.

These 28mm metal cast miniatures were created for gamers and collectors.The goal is to get these into production to provide a nice variety of spies and henchmen miniatures that can be used in a variety of pulp games and in many different rule sets.

The final master figures are all on slotta tabs and the production models will come with round plastic bases. All miniatures are supplied unpainted.

Pre-Release Deals available until 21st June 2018 - Ships July 2018

Classic view

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