Buildings - Photo Realistic - British and Normandy

Buildings - Photo Realistic - British and Normandy

Photorealistic terrain - tired of mdf buildings that look plain, cartoony or where you can see joints, tabs and edges?

With this range we are trying to combine the best features of MDF (light, strong, cheap, does not warp) with the benefits of digital printing.

The kits have been designed to be basic, robust, well thought out shells. The walls are made from 3mm Medite, a high grade form of MDF to give a realistic wall thickness. What you do with the shell is then up to you. You could cover with your own plasticard or printed texture papers, you could apply cardboard stonework and a plaster wash, you could cover with modelling clay and etch stone or brickwork on to the wall, or you could use the textured photo-realistic covers that we have designed to go with the buildings. All of the buildings come with a set of professionally printed covers in a choice of finishes (stone or brick). 

We have also designed a range of optional add ons, so that you can build your wargames building the way that you want it. This includes optional gardens, yards, staircases and a range of different window styles.. 

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