WW2 Platoon Organisation Charts

WW2 Platoon Organisation Charts

These are free downloads of organization charts for WWII companies and platoons.  There is often disagreement between different sources regarding unit organizations.  Often this is due to the various reorganizations that occurred during the war.  Also, some sources site contemporary technical manuals, which were based on the best intelligence available at the time, but might not have been the most accurate when viewed after the fact. 

These charts have been compiled by ‘Buck’ Surdu, author of Combat Patrol, who has tried to find authoritative sources or build a consensus organization when it was unclear which sources were authoritative. 

In the charts you will see some units marked with a six-sided die.  This is meant to indicate which units get command dice in Combat Patrol(TM).  Although compiled for use with Combat Patrol™, these organisation charts are invaluable for any WW2 gamers playing platoon level games such as Bolt Action.

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