3D Print conversions for Munchkin Houses

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Over the last few months I have been very busy painting miniatures and making terrain for'Wars of Ozz' an new fantasy mass battle game which is curruntly available on Kickstarter.

One of the terrain pieces that I wanted to make was the iconic, round Munchkin houses. After a pretty extensive internet search I concluded that nobody made a kit for these, even as 3D print files. I determined that the best way to approach making these was a combination of 3D printed parts plus traditional model making.


The hardest thing to make was going to be the round tiled roofs, however the beauty of 3D printing is that you can easily scale parts. I found some cylinders of different sizes including a Starbucks coffee cup and a pringles crisp container, measured the diameter and rescaled the 3D print files for the roofs accordingly. I found that I already had two files in my database of building parts that would do the job. The roof with the chimneys and little tower is from Printable Sceneries Wizards Tower model, and the plain roof is from Eslo's castle set.


I printed the roofs at different scales using PLA filament. While they were printing, I got to work on the main part of the houses. I started off making some doors and windows from card and plasti-card which I glued to the Starbucks cups. When dried, I then rolled out a piece of Das modelling clay and wrapped it around the cups, wetting it and pressing into position. I cut out with a sculpting tool around the raised doors and windows and added a few cracks to the walls.


When this had all dried and the roofs had printed, I glued the roofs to the cups and the cups to some Old CDs that I was using as a base using a hot glue gun.


Before adding some plaster and landscape materials to the bases I added some nice picket fence sections which are plastic castings from Renedra.

I spray undercoated the whole models and then painted with acrylic paint, using a selection of bright primary colours as favoured by the Munchkins.

I am very pleased with how these have turned out. I also 3D printed some Mushroom trees, the 3D file for those also came from 'Printable Scenery'

My next project is to make some oriental style 'Winkie' houses using 3D printed roofs and MDF box walls, so hopefully I will be able to share details of those over the next couple of weeks.

If you've not come across it yet and would like more information, Wars of Ozz is a brand new mass fantasy battle game inspired by the world of Oz, first chronicled by L Frank Baum with films by MGM and Disney! There is currently a Kickstarter running click here for details.

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