A Klingon Renegade Crew for Stargrave

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I've been a huge fan of both Frostgrave & Stargrave ever since they were launched and always buy at least one of all the North Star plastic releases because as well as being great miniatures in their own right, they offer so much scope for customisation and conversions. I have several Stargrave crews already, but recently I have been listening to several Klingon themed Star Trek novels via Audible, so I thought that a Klingon based crew would be rather neat.


The feel that I was looking for was Klingon renegades or pirates rather than Imperial Defence Force regular crews, so I decided to use Frostgrave Barbarians as the starting point for bodies and extra knife carrying left arms and the odd spare knife being carried from the belt.


The arms are mainly from Stargrave Mercenaries Plastic Box set, although the sniper is using a scoped sniper rifle from the Landing Party Special Weapons Conversion Pack.


The heads are metal castings fromLanding Party Ridge Faced Aliens conversion packs - both male and female versions come in the pack.


This is the full 10 figure Klingon Renegade crew. I've mounted them on 25mm round clear bases from Sally 4th. This creates a little extra work, as the Frostgrave miniatures come cast on plinths, but they are easily separated using some side clippers and feet tidied up with a modelling file. I have recently started painting the edges of clear bases using Army Painter Light Grey acrylic paint. This removes the reflections that you often see from clear bases and helps them blend in even better with the terrain that the figures are standing on.


I am using the female with a data pad as a codebreaker / hacker and the one with a tool box as a chiseler or casecracker.


These models are being used as a Grenadier, Sniper and Gunner.


The remaining five will be used for a Captain, Mate some recruits and troopers.

The miniatures were painted with GW Contrast Paint and Instar Alpha (which are also contrast paints).

I have already assembled a good selection of miniatures that can be used to represent a Federation Away Team using miniatures from the Landing Parties 'Fleet Landing Party' set, so I need to schedule a Star Trek themed Stargrave game with my good friend Mike to see how they fare in a game!


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