Building a Hobbit Hole

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This week I have started working on a new Hobbit Hole model.

The Hobbit Hole will be set into a 1' square Terra-Former corner hill modular terrain tile, although the same technique can be used to set into a piece of polystyrene for a free standing model.

Building a model hobbit hiole

The first thing that I did after assembling the Terra-Former modular tile kit was to shape a piece of 2" deep ploystyrene into a hill shape. This was very easy using a cheap £1 utility knife using the hillside profile of the tile as a shaping guide.

Building a model hobbit hiole

The Hobbit Hole kit is easily assembled using PVA wood glue from the 2mm and 3mm MDF components in the kit.

Building a model hobbit hiole

Once the glue had dried, I drew around it, cut out an indentation and used its profile to shape the hill around it.

Building a model hobbit hiole

Here is another Hobbit Hole kit that I made and fitted into a straight hill section a couple of years ago.

Building a model hobbit hiole

I've used it as a handy terrain feature within a 2' square games table for the Battle Companies variant of Games Workshops Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game.

Building a model hobbit hiole

My plan over the next couple of weeks is to finish off the two Hobbit Holes to match the landscaping that I have done around this model Inn that I have made for my Blackstone Heath fantasy village project. The two Hobbit Hole tiles are going to go to the left hand side of the Inn to make an annex for Hobbit travelers, like the Prancing Pony in Bree as described in the Fellowship of the Ring.

I've made a couple of YouTube videos about my Blackstone Heath Fantasy Village build. I've included a link in the link section below:


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