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As all our lives and social habits (including miniatures gaming) have been turned on their heads with the global Covid-19 virus pandemic, at Sally 4th we have been looking for little things that we can do to brighten our lives by facilitating some solo miniatures gaming. Over the last two or three weeks we have released a Free Sci-Fi Solo engine for Albedo ACP164, and any other sci-fi miniatures game system and a Free solo games engine for WW2 Skirmish gaming with Combat Patrol (and any other platoon level WW2 rules) These were both free downloads, and we made the rules and player aids to go with the games freely downloadable as well.



This time we are looking to go a bit further and offer something that is free and can be played by anyone even if they do not have any miniatures or terrain.

The game is Pulp Alley, which is my go to rules system for any period / genre where you have 6-12 figures per side (Pulp, Fantasy, Western, Sci-Fi etc). I have put a scenario together which can be played solo or with an opponent and is family friendly, so great for introducing your kids or your nephews and nieces to miniatures gaming.



The setting is 'swords and sorcery' and the leagues are based on the 'Toon Range' from Lucid Eye. Click here to check out the complete range of Toon Miniatures, however I have painted a set, photographed them and made some Standees that you can download, print and cut out, glue to a base and use to get you going. One league is made up of four 'Adventuers' Dwarf / Elf/ Barbarian / Wizard etc. and the other league is made up of the Newt Lord, Frog Prince and Newt Warriors.

The terrain that I used as a mixture of 3D printed items, a resin stone ruin and some of the Sally 4th Lattice Work bridges, that you can check out here. However I have photographed all of the terrain elements and put them in a PDF file that you can download, print and cut out.

Pulp Alley rules and cards are available as free introductory downloads, if you like the game and want to see what other supplements, cards and scenarios are available, click here to visit our Pulp Alley Store.

If you do not have the right dice, Pulp Alley uses D6, D8, D10 there are lots of Free Apps to run on your smart phone to provide any dice you could think of. I use an App on my IPhone called 'Mighty Dice'.



22nd April 2020: I've just added the Part 2 video that takes us through the rest off the game.


Links to Free Downloads:


Pulp Alley Character Cards Adventuers & Newt Kings Leagues

Print & Play Terrain

Pulp Alley Intro Rules

Pulp Alley Fortune Deck (for multi-player gaming)

Pulp Alley Solo Deck (for solo gaming)

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