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For many years I have been a huge fan of the 'Redwall Abbey' series of fantasy stories written by the late Brian Jacques and as a lifelong gamer it struck me that the adventures of these plucky woodland characters would make a great tabletop battle. There are of course some excellent anthropomorphic fantasy miniatures available in the marketplace such as the Oathsworn range for 'Burrows & Badgers'. Burrows & Badgers is a fantastic game, which I play and have covered in earlier blogs, however, I am also looking for a mass battle game where I can field a whole army of 'Redwall Mice' to face off against a hoard of vermin from 'Clunnies Horde'. To do this I needed to be able to model 40 - 100 mice and for them to have a wide variation of pose and armament.



I've made a short You Tube video about the conversions.​

I have previously put together the start of a Vermin / Rat Army using Frostgrave Ghost Archipelligo plastic crewmen plus ACP164 Critter Conversion Kits to supply the rat heads and tails.


I had also made a start on converting some mice using the metal Copplestone Castings Halfling range. These had turned out really well, the height difference between the halflings and humans translates very well to mice and rats.

At the time that I was starting the project I heard on the wargames grapevine that a new miniatures company, Wargames Atlantic had announced that they were going to be developing a multipose plastic box set of Halfling Militia. I could not believe my luck, as this was exactly what I needed to build the bulk of a 'Redwall' army with the variety of weapons and poses that I was hoping for. I wrote to Wargames Atlantic and asked if they could send me a box to play around with, which a month ago they kindly did.


Wargames Atlantic Plastic Halfling Infantry Set

There are a good batch of wargames rule sets that are going to be suitable for fighting mass fantasy battles using 'Redwall' style armies including Dragon Rampart, Thud & Blunder, the soon to be released Feudal Patrol and Saga Age of Magic. I decided to start off planning the army based on Saga. The Wargames Atlantic Halfling Militia box contains 40 miniatures. The plan is to make the following units.

  • 1 point Levy armed with bows (12 models)
  • 2 point Hearthguard armed with hand weapon & shield (8 models)
  • 2 point Warriors armed with halberds (16 models)
  • Warlord & Captain (2 models)

I've started off with the levy armed with bows. Bodies, arms and quivers are from the Halfling Militia set and the heads and tails are metal 'Critter Conversion Kits' from the Albedo ACP164 range.

Halfling Sprue

Wargames Atlantic Plastic Halfling Sprue

Mouse bareheadedH8i_-_Head_Mouse,_cloakH8g_-_Head_Mouse,_conical_helm

Albedo Mouse Critter Conversion Kits

The Halfing Militia set is great value at £25 for 40 miniatures.

Each sprue has 5 bodies in different poses plus a choice of arms and halfling heads. The weapon options are bow, sling, halberd, pike & sword.

In the Albedo Critter Conversion range there are 3 variations of mouse head, bare head, cloaked head and metal helmet.

Redwall Mice 28mm conversions

The Mice conversion pack costs £8 and contains 1 Halfling Militia Sprue and a pack with a random assortment of five of the 3 types of Mice heads and tails, giving you all the pieces that you need to make five mighty mice warriors.

Redwall Mice 28mm conversions

... and because someone always asks, the figures have all been remounted on to Sally 4th clear perspex bases so that they blend in with the terrain they are standing on.

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