Robin Hood's Merry Men

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Over the last couple of weeks I have been converting and painting some Robin Hood miniatures. Can you believe it, 40 years of gaming and I did not have anything suitable in my collection... in any scale! This first batch of ten miniatures has been assemled using Frostgrave plastic soldier bodies and some handy metal conversion pieces that are available from North Star. I particularly like the arms with the Quarterstaff that I have used to make my John Little character.


My good friend Buck Surdu has recently written a series of three Robin Hood scenarios that form a nice narrative campaign for the Feudal Patrol rules system, which was published in Miniature Wargames 459 - July 2021. I'm curruntly putting together miniatures to play the first scenario, False Flag Operation. This scenario really appeals. The Sheriff of Nottingham is trying to erode public support for Robin. He had provided a wagon of 'food aid' which is travelling to a nearby village. He has dressed some of his men up to look like Merry Men to attack the wagon to generate bad publicity... but Robin has heard of the plan and sets of with him men to intervine! The scenario needs two sets of nine 'Merry Men' and 13 Wagon Guards.



This is the second batch of miniatures that I finished yesterday. I have based those on the Sally 4th Hunters set, shown below, keeping the original head on one figure and removing and replacing with heads from the bits box for the others to give some variety.


The Hunters expertly painted by Jon Atter, from the Sally 4th The Villagers range.


The left-hand figure has retained the original hat. I really like it, it really says Merry Men to me, but I wanted all my figures to look different, so side cutters out to snip heads off, file flat and replace with spare heads from bits box.


These three all have new heads. Left hand head is from Frostgrave Cultists, middle one is from Gripping Beast Dark Age Warriors and right hand one is from North Star Robin Hood conversion kit.


I have added something extra to the back of all of the miniatures from the Robin Hood conversion kit, from left to right: hunting horn, deda pheasant, dead rabbit, sword in scabbard.

We have scheduled a day to play these scenarios, so will let you know how they go, in due course.

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