Second Game of Stargrave

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This is the second game of Stargrave that Mike Strong and I played. I am using my Albedo Creationist Crew and Mike has a Star Wars Crew.

My Creationist crew have been converted using parts from the Stargrave Plastic miniatures range and anthropomorphic heads from Albedo Critter Conversion Kits.


Our crews have landed on a desert planet and are searching for salvagable items amongst the debris of a crashed ship and a moisture farm. We decided to use the disused factory scenario.


The Albedo crew has seperated into two groups, one led by the captain and one led by the mate. Here we see the mate (female mouse in red and pink outfit) accompanied by chiseler, grenadier and a couple of recruits heading towards a data token.


The Star Wars crew head towards the moisture farm, which is soon going to become the centre of attention.


My Captain makes it to  the edge of the farm, using the packing crates for cover.


Mikes General prepares to jump down, the idea of an ice cold soda is to much to bear.


My captain invokes Void Blade and offers some sage advice to the young recruit.


Meanwhile, in the bunker one of Mike's characters has found a computer terminal where someone has left themselves logged in during there lunch break and proceeds to steal some data.


Back at the moisture farm, the physical loot on the red canteen table is hotly contested. My recruit is now wishing that she used the table for cover rather than jumping up on top of it.


This poor recruit did not stand a chance as Mikes Mate armed with what looks like four void blades cubes her neatly.

The game was a lot of fun. Mikes league did slightly better than mine, but we both came away with some loot and some experiance, and we had a great time playing.

The terrain boards that we played on are all made from Sally 4th Terra-Former kits, and included a bunker tile.

There is a lot more information on the conversions that I used to make my Albedo Creationist crew in thie earlier blog article

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