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Saga Crescent and Cross Hobby Page

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Saga Cresent and Cross Wargames Terrain

Here at Sally 4th, Lewis and I have been keen Saga players since it was first released and have had loads of great games of Saga using my Saxon warband and Lewis's Norman warband. I generally get beaten, as I have not found a response yet to his 12 figure / 3 point Norman mounted hearthguard unit and warriors with crossbows... any way.. Crescent and Cross sounds very exciting, we have started working on a new set of terrain to model Jerusalem, or any other city, town of village in the Holy Land, come to that.

Crescent and Cross Saga Game

Over the next couple of months we will be posting articles detailing how we have collected and based our Crescent and Cross armies, how we have constructed our terrain and some after battle reports.

Studio Tomahawk Crescent and Cross Saga wargame


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