Operation Sea Lion

Operation Sea Lion

With the fall of France in 1940, Hitler’s gazed turned towards Britain. German high command quickly drafted a plan to invade the UK known as Operation Sealion it would be the first invasion of mainland Britain for hundreds of years.

German plan was an extended version of their blitzkrieg tactic, which was used to quickly take control on continental Europe. The idea was to take Britain quickly and swiftly, and due to the evacuation of Dunkirk they knew the British Expeditionary force was no match for the German Wehrmacht. As they were both outnumbered and outgunned the British wouldn’t be able to stand up to the Germans.
The plan was simple:
Stage 1: Take control of the air over the channel. Destroy transport lines and communications with bombers.
Stage 2: Weaken coastal defences with bombers and send paratroopers in to take control of beachheads and landing zones.

Stage 3: Send German panzer divisions and infantry across the channel with support from the fighters.
Stage 4: Use spearheads to take control of Britain towns and cities.

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