Pulp Alley: The Game of Extraordinary Action and Adventure!

Pulp Alley: The Game of Extraordinary Action and Adventure!




Released in 2013, Pulp Alley plays like your favorite fast-paced action and adventure stories -- jam-packed with heroes, villains, and unexpected perils!
PULP ALLEY is a tabletop miniatures game for 1 to 4 players.
You can play solo, versus, or co-op in any time period, setting, or genre -- science fiction, fantasy, horror, old west, war, and more!
Pulp Alley has almost 100 unique scenarios that have been developed for it so you never need to play a line them up and shoot them down game ever again!
Click here to download a handy consolidated list of all published scenarios, showing number of players, and solo / co-op / versus style

Pulp Alley’s unique and innovative rules offer players a thrill-packed and engaging experience –
• Pulp Alley plays at the pulse-pounding pace of your favorite pulps and serials.
• Characters are easy to create and customize, making each league unique.
• Players never need to consult charts during a scenario. The action is on the tabletop – not in a rulebook.
• Control of the Initiative is based on events as they occur during the scenario rather than an arbitrary die-roll.
• Fights are fast-paced and simultaneously dangerous for both characters, instead of the old I-shoot-then-you-shoot sequence.
• Perils and challenges are unpredictable and offer multiple paths to success.
• Scenarios are plot-driven, encouraging action, and offering an array of different rewards.
• Through campaigns and experience your characters can increase their skills and develop new abilities.


For more information about Pulp Alley, visit our Pulp Alley Hobby Pages or the Pulp Alley Website and Forum.


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