Pulp Figures: Gangland Justice

Pulp Figures: Gangland Justice

The sedan was low, black and fast. It streaked through the country lanes, forcing up a plume of autumn leaves in its wake. A pair of lads sitting on a fence watched the unique car thunder past. One of them squeaked excitedly, “That’s the Shadowy Avenger’s car! I’ve seen it in newspaper!”

The winding, tree-lined drive of Langdon Hall was long. The sedan halted at the front of the mansion beneath a massive portico. The front door opened and Halston the butler came down the steps. No one emerged from the car. Halston approached. He cautiously peered through the smoked windshield. The car was empty.

No one had seen him arrive, and it was likely that no one would see him while he was investigating the O’Hara murders but there was no doubt now. The Shadowy Avenger was on the case!

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