Pulp Figures: Yukon Peril

Pulp Figures: Yukon Peril

Rugged Adventure in the untamed Canadian North on snowshoes, horseback or canoe. Action above the tree-line or on the trap-line!

The gold shipment was late.

Sgt. Prestown surveyed the trail with eyes that saw much more than the confused mix of animal sign and sled tracks that anyone else, not born to a life in the high wilderness, would see. He spoke aloud to his only companion, a half wolf, half shepherd dog, “Prince, it looks like the Rat River gang is up to their old tricks again.”

Suddenly, Prince’s ears pricked up and his gaze darted towards the tree-line. That was all the warning the Mountie needed. Prestown dove behind a fallen log just as the first bullets struck the tree behind where he had stood a split second before. More shots sent the snow flying around the barricade log.

Frenchie La Rue called from his concealed position in the tree-line, “Ha, I almost got you zat time red-coat!”

Prestown didn’t answer. He and Prince were already thirty yards back into the pines and making a flanking move towards Frenchie’s blind. Frenchie called out again but silence was his only answer. Despite the cold, the old renegade trapper began to sweat.

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