Terra Blocks

Terra Blocks

Terra-Blocks™ … Where do you want to play today?

Terra-Blocks™ have been designed to be versatile, flexible and adaptable. They can be used to build specific sets but, just like a well know children's building system, they can be put together in different ways every time you use them making them incredibly useful building blocks.

Terra-Blocks™ can be used to represent a wide range of gaming environments including:

  • Dungeons, Cellars, Sewers, Star ship interiors, Temples, Warehouses, Factories, Offices, Apartments.

Terra-Blocks™ are supplied as a kit, requiring simple assembly using PVA wood glue. They can be stacked together meaning they can be stored in a small space and are both light and resilient.

I am sorry to say that most of the Terra-Block range is currently out of stock. We have been struggling over the last 18 months to keep going with Covid Restrictions and have had to reduce the ranges we have available. Terra-Blocks are definitely one of the ranges we would like to re-introduce. We can only do this if there is a demand for them. We have set up a customer 'prioritising' system. Please click here to tell us which ranges you would support if we were to re-introduce them.

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