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Wars of Ozz Rules review by Wargames Illustrated

Wars of Ozz Rules review by Col. Wilbur E Gray in The Wargamer.com

Breaking news... 29th April 2021... Wars of Ozz, Wave 2 launches next week (7th May)

Kickstarter includes three new factions with complete armies available

  • The Land of Harvest
  • The Impkins
  • The Imperial Gnome Army

Plus Campaigns of Ozz Strategic Board Game.

Campaigns of Ozz has been developed by the experienced board game development team of Peter Schutze and Bill Molyneaux from Fastplay Wargames. It was designed to be both a standalone board wargame and a fully compatible strategic level scenario generator for miniature players. All seven historical wars from the Wars of Ozz rulebook are detailed as separate campaigns.
The board game is easy to learn and is highly suitable for both solitaire play and play with 2-4 players, with typical games lasting from 2-4 hours. Each Campaigns of Ozz game includes:
  • 280, full color, 1" square die cut counters
  • 34"x22" campaign map
  • 24 page rulebook
  • Player reference chart
  • Battleboard map

Wars of Ozz is a 28mm Mass Fantasy Battle Game inspired by the ‘Oz’ series of books written by L. Frank Baum between 1900 and 1920. The inspirational literature has been greatly expanded by Russ Dunaway, to form a unique new fantasy gaming world to battle over, populated with Munchkins, Quadlings, Winkies and Gillikins combined with Witches, Wizards, Pumpkin Men, animated Scarecows and Tinmen, Giants, Trolls, Skeletons and much, much more.

The miniatures range has been designed, sculpted and manufactured by Old Glory.

The ‘Wars of Oz’ rules are written by Buck Surdu, author of Gaslight and Combat Patrol among many more published works. The game is a mass battle rather than a skirmish game. Infantry units are 20 strong, mounted 4 to a base. Two or more units of Infantry, Cavalry or Artillery are formed into a Brigade and an Army is comprised of one or more Brigades. The game is designed to be played on a standard 6’ x 4’ wargames table, with a typical game reaching its conclusion in two to three hours. The rulebook covers the background and history of Ozz, army building, movement, melee, ranged combat, magic and morale together with points lists for tournament play, scenarios, maps, campaign and painting guides.

Sally 4th are publishing the rules and distributing the miniature range under licence in the UK & Europe, in partnership with Old Glory who will be shipping to USA and the rest of the world.

The February edition of Miniature Wargames has a great article on Wars of Ozz, written by Buck Surdu it includes a Scenario 'The Battle of Three Bridges'. Click here or on image to download article.


Wars of Ozz was covered in the Wargames Illustrated, January 2021.

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Wars of Ozz Review Wargames Illustrated

Wars of Ozz Review Wargames Illustrated

Wars of Ozz Review Wargames Illustrated

I'd highly reccomend buying copies of both magazines as they are filled with useful, informative articles, but in the mean time you can take a look at the article by clicking images above.

Wargames Illustrated have reviewed the Infantry figures of the four factions in Prime Time on 21st January 2021. If you are a Prime Time Subscriber, you can click here to read the review on Wargames Illustrated Website,

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