Quadling Miniatures

Quadling Miniatures

Kingdom of the Quadlings

South of the Munchkin townships, just across the river is the imposingly-named Kingdom of the Quadlings. In truth, there is no king, just three princes each in charge of one province. Furthermore all three princes are loyal and adoring subjects of the Most Noble and Gracious Witch of the South, Her Highness, the Lady Glenda.

Wars of Ozz Quadling Infantry


Before the Last Great War, this was a prosperous region famous for its heavy industry and
mineral riches. Small cities dotted the landscape, supplying goods to lands far distant. When the
war broke out, the future Quadling Kingdom, because it was so important to the enemy, took
devastating hits from Madness bombs. The cities were shattered as manias swept the victims,
tearing apart all sense of place and belonging. The land remained an empty ruin even after the
war ended.
For a long time after, the land was barely habitable as the Madness virus still thrived in the ruins.
And then one day a wagon train of human refugees came out of the Great Impassable Desert.
They called themselves the Quadling family, members of a religious sect that had been driven out
of their homeland by marauders. They were determined avoid the sins of the ancients who had
lost their way, seduced by the mechanized world. A simple life and hard work would bring the
Quadlings to salvation. Although peaceful by their faith, they had to fight their way past the goatriding
nomad raiders of the desert to reach their new home.

Quadlings and Gilikins locked in battle in Wars of Ozz

The empty land of southern Ozz suited them. The few tribes that remained were lost in their
manias, isolated, and easily avoided. Going north they ran into the Munchkins, but after some
short and half-hearted skirmishes with the Munchkins, the Quadlings set their border on the river
and settled their new homeland. Three provinces were established, each led by a prince, one of
the sons of the father. The three together formed the Kingdom of the Quadlings. Oddly enough,
although they had princes, the Quadlings had no king only an empty throne. That seat could only
be filled by the head of the family who they believed would one day he would return to claim his
throne. Until then, the Quadlings were ruled by the Council of Princes.

Wars of Ozz Quadlings Southern Province

Over time, the Quadlings made peace with the Munchkins and even intermarried with them. Their
children and their children’s children acquired the best (or worst depending on who you ask)
features of their parents. Quadlings were always a big, rustic folk, and so they remained, though
now with the jovial features and disposition of their Munchkin ancestors.
When the witches arrived, the Quadlings were fortunate. Of the three, Arella and Evora saw no
value in the peace-loving Quadlings while Glenda took a liking to their simple ways and gentle
natures. She offered to ally and aid them. After remarkably short negotiation, the Quadlings
accepted her as their Regent-Queen, advisor to the Council of Princes.
Given her own province across the river at the foothills of the Great Abine Mountains, Glenda
sought advice from the Wizard for a proper alliance of their two lands and for advice on how to
best defend the kindly Quadlings. Following his guidance she has formed the first ever Quadling
Citizen’s Army. From her crystal palace, Chronometria, Glenda benevolently rules a nation of
farmers and frontiersmen.

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