The World of Ozz

The World of Ozz

The countries of the Munchkins, Gillikins, Winkies, Quadlings, and all lands in between them are
part of the Great Kingdom of Ozz; however, that is little more than a meaningless technicality
since the Great Kingdom of Ozz has not been united under a single King since well before the
witches arrived. Indeed, it has been so long that the oldest living Ozzites only dimly remember
there being a king in the days of their childhood. When the last King of Ozz died, the kingdom
split into the five countries of today: Munchkin Country to the West, the Great Black Forest to the
north, the Winkie Lands to the East, the Quadling Country to the South-West, and King Jack’s
Great Land of Harvest in the center.
Today each of these lands has its own ruler, people, armies, and alliances. The Wizard and
Glenda hope to unite the lands once more under the rule of a wise and benevolent leader. The
dark witches have a different goal, one of conquering and enslaving all Ozz before marching on
the lands beyond its borders. It is these dreams that wrack the Lands of Ozz with the tramp of
soldiers and the steady clatter of battle.

Map of the World of Ozz


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