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Combat Patrol Participation Game at Partizan 2016

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This year we are extremely lucky that 'Buck' Surdu, author of Combat Patrol and many, many more great wargames will be joining us to run a participation game at Partizan in Newark on Sunday 22nd May.

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Bear Yourself Valiantly the start of A War of the Roses project

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Bear Yourself Valiantly Wargame Rules by Buck Surdu

My son Lewis and I had been talking about playing a War of the Roses campaign for many months, but we just could not find a set of rules that we liked that had a realistic feel to them but did not give you a headache crossreferencing data in charts, looking things up in rulebbooks or quick play sheets. We had both really enjoyed playing Combat Patrol, which is also written by Buck Surdu, both for WW2 gaming and also for Winter o...

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Combat Patrol - 1979 - Winter of Discontent - Op Gargoyle

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Op Gargoyle... No 2 Pltn, B Coy 10 Para's initial attempt to regain control of Abermule from WLF Cadre & Local Forces 0630 121079





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Combat Patrol - Winter of Discontent - Arms Cache

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Sunday 13th March 2016

Combat Patrol : Winter of Discontent Engagment.

Active service units of the Welsh Liberation Front (WLF) have taken contol of the town, sealing all road exists with barricades manned by WLF Local Forces. Meanwhile WLF Cadre units wait in the 'George & Dragon' for the arrival of a transit van containing arms and ammunition to extend their power struggle.

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Combat Patrol - Street Fight Normandy

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Tuesday 23rd Febuary 2016


Last Tuesday Nick and I got to complete our Combat Patrol introductory game that saw German & US Paras come to grips during a meeting engagment in a small Normandy market town.

Combat Patrol WW2 Skirmish

Both sides had sensibly taken cove...

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WH40k Zone Mortalis game using Sally 4th Sci-Fi Interiors

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Outpost designation #2132 - An Imperial distress beacon calls for aid following the discovery of a strange relic. Dark Angels marines arrive within days and secure the compound

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WW2 Normandy Action with Combat Patrol

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Monday 8th February 2016 - Combat Patrol

Normandy 1944 US PIR face elements of 6 Fallschirmjager Regt in a meeting engagment.

Combat Patrol WW2 Rules Normandy Action


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Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish - Multi Player Barroom Brawl

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Last Saturday, we had our first game of Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish. What a fantastic game system! We only played the introductory scenario, which is a good old fashioned Barroom Brawl. This uses very basic, low level characters to introduce you to the principals of the Otherworld rules. Each side had the same characters, a Veteran, Pickpocket, Wor...

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Frostgrave at Ripon Wargames Club

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Frostgrave - Treasure hunting in the frozen wastes

Frostgrave game on Terra Block Old School Dungeon

Last weeks's Frostgrave at Ripon Wargames club featured a central library complex, within some ruined walls. The library was made from the new Sally 4th T...

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