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Bringing the scene to life... villagers and townsfolk

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Since my post about modelling and rigging a Xebec, I've had quiet a few emails and messages about the backdrop and activities going on around the Quay, so I've taken a few more photos focussing on the townsfolk. What ever period or genre I am gaming, I do like to include some locals going about there day to day business as part of the game board, as I find empty houses and streets to look like something is missing.

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Modelling a Xebec

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Xebecs were ships, very similar to galleys primarily used by Barbary pirates, which have both lateen sails and oars for propulsion. Xebecs featured a distinctive hull with pronounced overhanging bow and stern, and rarely displaced more than 200 tons, making them slightly smaller and with slightly fewer guns than frigates of the period. My model Xebec was designed by the very talented Iain Lovecraft as part of his Comments: 0 | Read entire post

Stargrave Conversions - updated 4th May 2021

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Update 4th May - Lapine Jedi

Update 25th May - Jedi Rabbits and Dwarven Forge Terrain

I'm very excited by the iminent release of Stargrave. I'm a big fan of Frostgrave, and this new game sounds like it will be just a...

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Blood & Plunder, Game 1

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Last Saturday, Lewis and I played our first game on Blood & Plunder. I got the rulebook as a birthday present at the start of the month and already had a small selection of Pirates & Militia, so was keen to give the game a go.


As it was a first game, we kept it very s...

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Pulp Alley Captain America vs Red Skull: Seize the Plans!

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Yesterday Lewis & I had a fantastic game of Pulp Alley, played over Zoom... because that's what you do in 2021!

We rolled to see who would command each league, Lewis won and got to play with Captain America and the Howling Commandos and I commanded Red Skul and the Agents of Hydra.

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Pulp Alley Captain America vs Hydra

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Captain America Pulp Alley

Recently we have had a set of eight miniatures sculpted by Mark Fuller inspired by Captain America and his Howling Commando's.

These figures are...

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Seize the Port a Goblin Civil War Battle

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Last Saturday I got together with Lewis, Doug, John and Elton to play a playtest game of Goblin Civil War. Goblin Civil War is a new game, under development written by Elton Walters from Goblins of the World. It is a goblin themed parody inspired by the events and troop types of the Spanish Civil War.


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Vampire Lords Army

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Before Games Workshop axed Warhammer Fantasy Battle, I had a small army for just about every faction.

I am now working on recreating them for the upcoming Wars of Orcs and Dwarves mass fantasy battle game.

This page is to document progress on The Vampire Lords army.

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2021... What's been Painted?

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Purchased 20 / Painted 786

I've often seen painting blogs, particularly on Lead Adventurers Forum and I've thought that is a great idea, as I have no idea how much stuff I might have bought or painted during a year.

You, have to be quick and start recording straight away, and then remember to record everything during the year. I've remembered to start at the right time, we'll just need to see how long I can keep it up!

September 2021

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Pulp Alley...From Another World

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Last week Dave Phipps and I got together over Zoom to play 'From Another World', Pulp Alley Scenario of the Month 36 (December 2020).



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