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Seize the Port a Goblin Civil War Battle

Last Saturday I got together with Lewis, Doug, John and Elton to play a playtest game of Goblin Civil War. Goblin Civil War is a new game, under development written by Elton Walters from Goblins of the World. It is a goblin themed parody inspired by the events and troop types of the Spanish Civil War.


As we are currently in lockdown, the game was played virtually over Zoom. The terrain was set up in my games room, that has a webcam mounted on the ceiling to facilitate streaming to Zoom. Doug played the Royalists, tasked with guarding the port. Lewis & John played the socialists, tasked with capturing the port.


Each player commanded a platoon plus attachments. Lewis’s platoon attacked on the right flank. His platoon was strengthened by a unit of war-dogs and handlers


Doug’s Royalists were strengthened by a detachment of Naval Infantry, seen here deployed in a building next to the main gate. The building offered them a good level of protection, although they were eventually supressed by volume of incoming fire.


Johns Platoon attacked on the right flank, having to cross an expanse of marshy terrain that slowed them down considerably. His platoon was strengthened by a detachment of Monks & Nuns.


The first two sections make it through the swamp and pause to collect there breath before the final sprint to the wire.


The socialists platoon headquarters provides encouragement as the Monks & Nuns make it to the wire after a protracted firefight with the Royalists in the watch tower.


Eventually the complete detachment occupying the watch tower are supressed and the monks and nuns cut the wire, storm through and take them prisoner.


The Goblin Civil War uses an innovative system for measuring victory based on objectives selected prior to the start of the game. The deeper inside enemy territory the objective, the greater it’s value.


If the Goblin Civil War sounds like an interesting diversion, we are planning to release it via Kickstarter in a couple of months’ time, so you can sign up to Sally 4th newsletter to keep up to date with developments.

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