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The defence of East Tilkey, 1st August 1938

The defence of East Tilkey, 1st August 1938

On the 1st August 2015 Ann & I set our alarm clocks to 03:00 hours and stumbled into the pre-packed car to head north up the A1 to take our 'Defence of East Tilkley' Very British Civil War game to the Claymore wargames show in Edinburgh.

We should have left the day before but as always , last minute finishing touches to the figures and terrain took longer than anticipated.

We met up at the show with Ewan who had kindly agreed to help us out by supplying some figures and playing throughout the day.


The terrain represented a West Ridding stone built village. The buildings and roads were all made from our own Sally 4th photo realistic building range, with the addition of a few resin pieces of set dressing such as a post box, war memorial, telephone and police phone box.


The action started with the socialists setting up some barricades at the entrance to the village square. Their inititial platoon included a section of miners, a section of GPO workers, the local cricket team and a GPO rocket battery, seen above deployed within the cover of the churchyard.


The first reactionary forces to assault were a section of the local constabulary. In the photo above they have just been captured after a fierce melee by the local cricket team.

The first wave of police were soon followed up by BUF auxiliaries.


As the game progressed, and new players joined in additional platoons were thrown into the battle on both sides, leading to savage house to house fighting.

Here some socialist militia take up firing positions on the first floor, to cover the assault of their comrades, massing in the gardens outside.


As the day went on and the BUF failed to make much headway, the Royalists deploy a platoon of regular soldiers (and sailors), unfortunately they deploy randomly and are forced to attack on a very narrow frontage through the yards and alleyways of the back to back housing.


We used the 'beta' 2nd edition of 'Went the Day Well?', which played very well indeed and delivered very plausible results, it is certainly a very bad thing to have your forces bunched up and in the open in line of sight and range of a template weapon.


Sections from reinforcment platoons were required to pass a 'nerve test' before they could be deployed on the table. We had to wait a long time for some sections to turn up!


Here we see the platoon HQ from No 3 Platoon pause outside the Pub.


We were honoured to be voted best participation game at Claymore.


I think a great day was had by all those who took part, which at the end of the day is the main thing and it was a good showcase for the VBCW gaming genre.

I'd like to thank Ewan for helping us out, Mort for providing a playtest version of his rules and providing answers to my many queries, to Pete Barfield for the lovely activation and event cards, South East Scotland Wargames Club for putting on a great show and to everybody who came along and joined in.

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