28mm Sci-Fi Modular Terrain

28mm Sci-Fi Modular Terrain
28mm Sci-Fi Modular Terrain

A range of modular, pre-painted 28mm terrain designed for Sci-Fi gaming with miniatures. Great for games like Star Wars, Warhammer 40K Zone Mortalis, Infinity & Alien vs Predator.

The range contains floor tiles, interior walls, outer cladding and doors and other accesories. The pieces are cleverly designed to fit together like a jig-saw puzzle. You can choose to glue rooms together or leave them un-glued so that they can be taken apart and stored flat for easy storage. All of the pieces in the range work together and offer lots of choices for layout design.

Floor Tiles

These are painted light grey and are available in the following sizes

  • 60mm x 60mm
  • 60mm x 120mm
  • 60mm x 180mm
  • 120mm x 120mm
  • 120mm x 180mm
  • 120mm x 240mm

These tiles can be combined to make larger rooms, different shaped rooms and corridors. Each floor tile interlinks with the others around it and has holes that the tabs on the wall sections fit into.

Interior Walls

These are painted white and are available in the following widths as either plain walls or walls with windows, vents or door openings.

  • 60mm
  • 120mm
  • 180mm
  • 240mm

Each wall section has tabs that fit into holes in the floor tiles and interlocking corner joints. Walls are painted on the engraved side. The arrangment of holes in floor tiles allows placing of walls back to back so that engraved detail is shown on both sides but to reduce cost the backs of interior walls could be painted white and used single sided.


Standard doors are painted dark grey. Two pieces are glued back to back so that engraved detail is on both sides. As an option the windows in doors can be glazed with 3mm Frosted Perspex. A range of special doors is also available cut from 3mm Clear Perspex with etched and engraved detail for particular rooms. The doors are designed to fit in between two wall sections with doorway openings placed back to back or between door frame and tile kits which are designed for doors in corridors.

Exterior Cladding

These pieces are painted dark grey and represent the outer hull or walls of a building or ship.

Bulkhead clips

These are cut from 3mm MDF and are pre-painted white on one side. If you do not want to glue any pieces together and use walls back to back, these clips are very handy to hold the walls tightly together. This is a particularly good thing to do around doorway openings. I also like to add them to my layouts to break up long runs of walls and to provide some 3D interest.

Sci-Fi Gallery

Sci-Fi Gallery

Click here to visit our image gallery featuring terrain in use with Star Wars and Warhammer 40k Zone Mortalis.

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Zone Echo

Product no.: SFC47

Wall and floor tile pieces to make a 300mm square pre-painted, modular gaming area.

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