Feudal Patrol


Feudal Patrol is the exciting new skirmish miniatures game from 'Buck' Surdu.


'Buck' Surdu, Feudal Patrol Author talks us through the key rules mechanisms in Feudal Patrol




Links to Feudal Patrol Battle Reports & Articles

Foraging Party - A Medieval Skirmish with Feudal Patrol

Knight Errant - A Medieval Skirmish with Feudal Patrol

Frontier Raid - A Feudal Patrol playtest set in Middle Earth

Mark Morins Blog on Aztec Supplement for Feudal Patrol

Chris Palmers 'Escape the Dungeon' using Feudal Patrol

Feudal Patrol is part of the 'Patrol' family of games that includes 'Combat Patrol' The WW2 skirmish game with free supplement for horse and musket, western gunfighters and much more and the Sci-Fi version 'Albedo Combat Patrol.

There is a huge amount of information on-line about 'Combat Patrol' and it's mechanisms including

Buck Surdu's Combat Patrol Website

.... and a great under 5 minute overview of Combat Patrol from the Wargames Illustrated crew:





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Feudal Patrol


Feudal Patrol covers all periods where melee is the determining factor in a battle.

Using these rules and appropriate miniatures you can game any ancient / medieval or fantasy period from the stone age throught to the seventeenth century.

£36.00 *
Delivery weight: 750 g

Feudal Patrol Additional Card Sets

Product no.: FPRB

Additional copy of Feudal Patrol card decks (One 24 card activation deck, two 50 card action decks)

£16.00 *
Delivery weight: 200 g

New When Civilizations Collide Feudal Patrol Supplement

Product no.: FPD01

This supplement roughly covers the period of the Spanish Conquest of the 16th Century.

The supplement is designed to allow the players to recreate battles both during the Conquest and in the centuries before it happened. Optional and special rules are included as well as weapons, figure and unit characteristics, and a couple of suggested scenarios.

£0.00 *

, plus delivery