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Lasse Badsberg-Hansen
28/04/2016 11:23

Norman Church

What a great kit!

Assembled and already on the table waiting for the remaining few buildings to finish as well. Pics will come as eveything is in place.
I made a little test as the church has so much space inside. I have some benches from the Terra Block range, which can be found elsewhere on this site, and they fit nicely inside the church. Just ordered some more of them.

I think I will use the church as open space once inside to avoid units slinging through just to cover more ground in less turns. The the cover of benches would seem fitting :)
Thought of adding an additional churchyard. The extra walls dividing a bigger area is appealing and the amount of cover generated by trees, tombstones and bushes is a narrative in itself.

Anyone else done with their churches?
Chris Abbey
28/04/2016 11:44

RE: Norman Church

Well that just goes to show that you can be to close to a product range, because we always paint our benches green I've alwats thought of them as park benches, but you are right they will be good for inside the church as well.

I am planning to make a church interior kit and exterior kit during May. Interior kit will have box pews, altar, font, cross and maybe some screens. Exterior kit will have gravestones, tombs, and maybe a gate for churchyard.

Can't wait to some some photos of your Church in action.
Lasse Badsberg-Hansen
28/04/2016 12:21

RE: Norman Church

Obviously they would indeed look a little odd inside as they do sport a good ourdoor parklike look. But since i have them anyway.
Excellent news of additional kits being added. Especially the exterior kit is exciting. I think I saw similar interior and exterior items from 4Ground or Sarissa. Having your own kits to match the look of the Norman Church will indeed make the religious part of the Normandy range complete.

Maybe add a coffin or two