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1st Game of Frostgrave at Ripon Wargames Club

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This was the first game of Frostgrave that we had played at Ripon Wargames Club.

Three of us gave it a go playing Warbands led by an Elementalist, Summoner & an Illusionist (who joined us at around turn 3).

Frostgrave at Ripon Wargames Club

We played the Mausoleum Scenario from the rulebook. (The skeletons were very easy to destroy)

Frostgrave at Ripon Wargames Club

Magic plays a big part of a game of Frostgrave and I really like the unpredictability of it. Each spell has a casting number that has to be beaten on a D20 to cast the spell. It is easiest to cast magic from your own school. Spells from aligned schools get +2 to die roll needed, spells from neutral schools get +4 and spells from your opposed school get +6 added. If you fail your casting roll by more than 4 your caster takes damage as a consequence. If you don't quite make the casting roll you can empower the spell by sacrificing some of your health points to boost your die roll. This works very well and gives a nice feel to the magic system. You can keep casting spells as long as your health allows it.

Frostgrave at Ripon Wargames Club

Combat can be very brutal. It is possible to lose your wizard in a single round of combat (I did) if your opponent rolls a high number on D20 combat roll. Your armour value is subtracted from your opponents roll to represent how much damage is absorbed; anything left over is taken as damage.

All in all, a good little introduction to the game. Everyone who played was keen to choose their own warbands and have another go. The result of the first game was Elementalist 3 treasure, Summoner 3 treasure and Illusionist 1 treasure.

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