Saga Rules

Saga Rules

SAGA is a skirmish game set in heroic ages whether they be historical, mythological or fantastical. It brings to life battles between exceptional warriors - Warlords who defy their enemies on the battlefield at the head of their loyal Warband.

The game puts you at the head of such a warband - 30 or so figures, lead by your heroic alter-ego, the Warlord. Each Warband uses a Battle Board and SAGA Dice to grant them various abilities in battle and reinforce their identiity.

The Core ruleset (SAGA Rulebook SRB20) provides all the simple and innovative basic rules which apply to every setting. Easy to learn with numerous illustrative examples, when combined with the Battle Boards (available in the settings books such as SRB21 Age of Vikings) they offer a great depth of gameplay.

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SAGA Book of Battles

Product no.: BP1659

The Book of Battles is an unusual supplement. It is not a SAGA Universe, but a collection of scenarios and game variants that can be applied to any Universe in which you decide to play. It is therefore a perfect complement to the rulebook, a companion that enlarges its horizons by proposing alternatives to the basic Clash of Warlords scenario.

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SAGA Age of Crusades

Product no.: BP1631

SAGA Age of Crusades is a SAGA Supplement which covers the wars of faith fought in the West  and the East from the First Crusade to the Mongol invasions.

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