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Games Workshop The Hobbit SBG - Battle Companies

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Over the last few weeks, Jack and I have been playing Battle Companies during our lunch break.

In Battle Companies you start off with a handful of rank and file miniatures which you develop over a number of games. I have been playing Arnor and have 4 Warriors of Arnor and three Rangers in my Battle Company. Jack has been playing Isengard and fields five Uruk Hai.

Games Workshop The Hobbit Battle Companies

Today’s scenario was called 'Heirlooms of Ages Past'. We placed an objective counter in each table quarter. These represented potential sites for buried treasure.. One of them had an 'X' on the bottom that indicated that it was the actual treasure. We set up using the 'Maelstrom' set up rules. We took turns nominating a model and rolling a D6. On a 1 the miniature had not arrived yet and would roll for entry on subsequent turns. On a 6 the player can choose where to deploy the model. On a 2-5 the figure is deployed in the table quarter that matches the 2-5 dice markers that can be seen in the photograph above.

Games Workshop The Hobbit Battle Companies

I deployed my Ranger leader and lieutenant last. Luckily they got to deploy in a good defensible position close to a potential treasure site.

Games Workshop The Hobbit Battle Companies

Luck was definitely with the forces of good today. Arnor won the priority roll, my leader moved up to check the potential treasure site and it was indeed the treasure.

Games Workshop The Hobbit Battle Companies

In Isengard's first turn, Jacks Uruk's charge the two warriors of Arnor and the Ranger, but the fight ends with no wounds caused.

Games Workshop The Hobbit Battle Companies

One of the good features of 'Battle Companies' is that it can be played in a small space with minimal investment in miniatures. This is our gaming area at work. We have four Sally 4th Terra-Former blocks that we have modelled as cliffs and caves and this provides a compact 2' square gaming area that can be rearranged into different configurations. Each board has eight embedded rare earth magnets to hold the boards tightly together and prevent 'continental drift' mid-game. Click here to find out more about Terra-Former terrain.

Games Workshop The Hobbit Battle Companies

Eventually, after a few hard fought combats, weight of numbers lead to Arnor gaining the advantage and fighting with supporting spearmen.

Games Workshop The Hobbit Battle Companies

Eventually the Uruk leader is cornered and brought down and the last Uruk fails his courage test and flees leaving Arnor in possession of the field of battle and the treasure. Both sides gain experience for enemies defeated in combat. When a model has defeated five enemy (over a number of games), they become eligible for an upgrade. Arnor also gained 6 Gold pieces (the campaign currency), three for winning a game and a bonus three from the buried treasure.

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Of Dice and Men Day 1

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On April 1st I attended a GBHL tournament in Ripon called “Of Dice and Men”. There were 20 people attended the event using the same scenarios as the Grand Tournament. However the catch with “Of Dice and Men” was that the warbands increased to 24 warriors per warband, monsters limited to one for every 10 warriors and everyone got a free Alfred from the old rulebook.

My army for the weekend was that of Spiders. I took Druzhag, Ashrak, Shelob and the Spider Queen leading 26 venombacks, 2 Mirkwood spiders and batswarm.

For my first game I played Louis Aplin and his Dwarf army led by Thrain for a game of domination.



With the Deployment set it looked like the Spiders were greatly outnumbered. Luckily due to the heavy density of terrain on the board, I was able to make use of the bottlenecks to stop the spiders getting swarmed by dwarfs.

Thrain led the charge to try and secure the centre point from Shelob. However she got enraged by Druzhag and killed Thrain and held back the dwarfs. While the spider queen and some helping spiders came from behind the dwarfs line and started to kill them, and the vault wardens also started to suffer from the spiders killing them quickly. However, on the other flank, the dwarfs led by a siege captain were starting to wound the spiders. I was slowly running out of the wound counters I brought to keep track of all the 2 wound models.

As the game drew to an end, the siege captain and his flank of dwarfs reduced in numbers made it to the centre.  W hen we worked out the VP’s in turned out to be a draw.

Game 2 was “To the Death” and I played against Matt Weilding and his Isengard army. It was berserkers backed by 2 pikes and crossbows. With a Gollum and the ring.

As it was modified for GT we could deploy anywhere in our half. He set up near the edge of the board and tried to get a few rounds of shooting off and killed a few spiders.

When the spiders met the Uruks they unfortunately did not last long, however an enraged Shelob managed to get a 12” hurl off and threw him through the mob of Uruks forming around the poor spiders. Luckily I had a lot of prone markers as many were hit but failed to kill many of them. The low defence of the Spiders meant his 4-attack line was able to beat me. I ended up losing my second game.  The Spiders First outing wasn’t going to plan.

My 3rd Game was against JT. He had a Mordor list led by the mouth of Sauron and 3 Orc Siege Bows. The scenario was Hold Ground, which meant maelstrom deployment.

Luckily for me I managed to deploy my army close and in cover of the siege bows, except Shelob who deployed on the other side and had to walk across the board to meet the army.

My first priority was the to kill the siege bows and then try to secure middle. After the first bow fell I sent 4 spiders across the board to hit the second, while my spiders fought a fierce battle to the centre. After managing to break through and get a few spiders to the centre the orcs fell slowly. Shagrat War Leader was heading towards Ashrak (my general) and his 2 spider bodyguards. Luckily as the flanks fell more spiders were coming to the centre.

The Mouth Of Sauron and some orcs trapping him charged one Spider, but somehow he managed to win the fight and kill The Mouth Of Sauron. Meaning that he was broken and the orcs started to flee when courage tests were done.

The game ended and I had more models in the centre and due to protecting my General so I won the game.


So at the End of Day 1, I had 1 win, 1 loss, and a draw.

Take a look here for futher details of status markers.


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