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Battle of the Pelennor Fields – Lord of the Rings SBG

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Battle of the Pelennor Fields – Lord of the Rings SBG (Games Workshop’s the ‘One Rule Book’) at Horde Games in Harrogate, Saturday December 15th 2018.

Games Workshop Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Battle of the Pelennor Fields Scenario

Just before Christmas, Doug borrowed 16' of Sally 4th Castle towers and walls plus an assortment of staircases, battering rams, siege towers, ladders and wheeled siege ladders and headed of for Horde Games in Harrogate to put on a Games Workshop - Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game, of epic proportions. Doug has kindly written up the days events and supplied us with some great looking photos.

I’ve loved The Lord of the Rings for decades, and the passage where Tolkien describes the timely arrival of the Horse Lords, the cavalry of Rohan, to the relief of the city-fortress of Minas Tirith is my favourite piece of literature ever – “Rohan had come at last”. Being a wargamer this is, of course, something to recreate on the tabletop and I’ve fought BoPF a few times. It has a bit of everything – spectacle (an escalade against a fortification is always lovely to view, especially in 28mm scale), size (about a thousand figures in this one), variation in troop types (everything from Hobbits to Mumakil via assorted Trolls, Fell Beasts, a Dwarf, Elves, cavalry and infantry, with siege towers and ladders too) and of course theme – Gandalf holding the gate, Aragorn leading the Grey Company from the Port of Harlond, the Rohirrim streaming across the plains to relieve the garrison, the Serpent Lord racing to meet him, the Nazgul circling and driving forth their minions, Orcs and Men battling across ramps and ladders, with the fate of Midde-Earth resting on the outcome. It cries out for multiple players, two teams with their own objectives and a theoretical idea of co-operation but where helping one’s neighbour isn’t always a given, when there are so many threats on the tabletop!

Games Workshop Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Battle of the Pelennor Fields Scenario

This latest game was hosted by Horde Games at their gaming shop in Starbeck, Harrogate. A 12 foot long table, some five feet deep, provided the ground. Sally4th supplied the curtain wall of Minas Tirith, with assorted heights and depths of wall, interspersed with towers. We went with what was immediately to hand rather than the White City range and had two bastions alongside the gate, as well as tall towers looking down upon the attackers and their ram. Ten siege towers from Games Workshop and Sally4th plus assorted wheeled and portable ladders from the latter allowed the forces of Mordor to try and scale the walls. The gates were assumed to have been breached, with Trolls leading the charge through the choke point but the relief forces were available immediately, from each corner to the rear of the escalade.

Games Workshop Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Battle of the Pelennor Fields Scenario

The siege towers were loaded up, with Morannon and Mordor Orcs crewing some, Easterlings others and Haradrim and Mordor Uruk-Hai making up the ten. Despite the risk, ladders were also used to support the towers since only a handful of Warriors and Heroes could attack at a time. The narrow ramps meant attack frontage of two or three, backed up by spears or pikes where possible, but they were met by prepared defenders who - on the deeper wall sections – could also set up spear supports. A house rule meant that two figures could scale the Sally4th wheeled ladders side by side and they were too stable to be pushed down. A Mordor Troll led the gate surge, with other Trolls, Orcs and a Nazgul in support.

Games Workshop Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Battle of the Pelennor Fields Scenario

Turn one saw Good win Priority. They merely shuffled about since all most could do was to await Evil’s moves. Of course the massed ranks of Rohan cavalry swept forward, although archers merged into blocks of ten or more to allow for Volleys of archery. The Grey Company were close enough for normal shooting but the close combat figures pressed forward – with so many heroes in their ranks it was essential that they struck soon. Evil responded by swarming up the ladders and charging across the ramps, engaging Good models wherever they could. The Mordor Troll           had been Transfixed by Gandalf so stood there drooling and blocking the gate, but the Nazgul forced Gandalf to lose some of his Will store to counter a spell. The Mumakil and other reserves chose to await further developments.

Games Workshop Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Battle of the Pelennor Fields Scenario

Shooting removed a few Evil figures, mostly among those loitering at the bottom of ladders but also from spear and pike supports. Return shots did little although a Troll was winged by an Avenger bolt and Volley shots from massed ranks of Rohirrim scattered amongst the Mumakil.

Games Workshop Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Battle of the Pelennor Fields Scenario

In close combat the danger of fighting from a ladder became very apparent as a number of the forces of darkness plunged to their deaths after falling. Assaults across the siege tower ramps were of mixed effectiveness, with Heroes largely cancelling each other out, but the first gaps in the ranks started to appear.

The second turn was much the same as the first, with Rohan and the grey Company closing on the enemy reserves, although each also broke off detachments to move towards the nearest siege towers too. The Troll was once more Transfixed but this time Imrahil charged into combat. Gandalf lost two more Will  from the Nazgul’s spell.

Games Workshop Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Battle of the Pelennor Fields Scenario

Archery whittled down banner guards and more second-echelon troops from Evil’s ranks but the stout battlements saved many a Good warrior from harm. Pippin tried to join in with thrown stones from above the gate but received a Troll-thrown boulder in reply which killed him outright!

In combat Imrahil inflicted a single Wound on the Mordor Troll in the gateway but otherwise it was the familiar see-saw battle on ladders and siege towers which inevitably favoured the defenders.

Games Workshop Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Battle of the Pelennor Fields Scenario

Turn three saw Rohan closing on the outer ranks of the Harad cavalry, with veteran Redshelds leading the charge but Harad Heroes and banners were snarled up in rear ranks and thus ineffective. The Mumakil were starting to make their presence felt, poisonous arrows arcing down from the howdahs and the Commanders trying to line up their mounts behind the mob of horsemen. The Mordor Troll at the gate was transfixed once more (at least it prevented a breakout!) but the Nazgul rolled a less-than-impressive 1,1,2 against Gandalf.

Games Workshop Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Battle of the Pelennor Fields Scenario

Once more Shooting killed odd figures and then there was more close combat at the battlements and amongst the cavalry, Unsurprisingly Rohan fared well against their lighter-equipped and less skilful foes but Suladan, leading the Haradrim, bested Theoden in single combat and the Witch King atop his Fell beast was lurking nearby. Gaps were starting to appear on some wall sections, allowing follow-up forces to clamber across and start to attack towers from inside. On the other hand, some siege towers had been so denuded of troops that counter-attacks were made onto the wooden towers in order to block reinforcements and strike down the valuable banners on the top decks.

Games Workshop Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Battle of the Pelennor Fields Scenario

The game ran out of time just as the leading edge of the Grey Company was charged by Easterling and Khandish cavalry and forward elements of Rohan reached the siege towers. Some Evil troops had captured battlement steps and were rushing into the city proper but at least one siege towers was in imminent danger of being overrun completely. Next time…

The game was played close to Christmas, with lots of distractions, and on a day that had some of the foulest weather possible. Players were at a premium but of course we want to try it again soon so plans are being laid for another visit to the Pelennor Fields with a similar layout and hopefully more players to attack or defend the White City.

Games Workshop Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Battle of the Pelennor Fields Scenario


Sally 4th Castle Photo Gallery

Sally 4th Castle Video

Siege Equipment Page


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Countdown to Hammerhead LOTR Participation Game

Preperations for Hammerhead 2018 Participation Game

The Siege of Umbar (4th Age of Middle Earth)

Games Workshops Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game (LOTR SBG)

LOTR SBG Participation Game Hammerhead 2018

Four weeks to go until Hammerhead 2018 (Saturday 3rd March 2018), so time to start working on the terrain in earnest. Yesterday we put together as many of the pieces that we have to get a first lokk at how the table will look. The key features are the Port of Umbar with it's impossing harbour wall and wooden jetties. Behind the Port is the walled City itself. Key locations in the city are the Sultans Palace, the market place and the arena / slave pits.

LOTR SBG Participation Game Hammerhead 2018

At this point most of the structures have been made and just need final painting and detailing. 

LOTR SBG Participation Game Hammerhead 2018

In this photo we have an archeological dig site standing in for the arena / slave pits. This will be a board set below ground level with a stone wall around it and gateways in each side. The arena is surrounded by stadium seating.

Over the next 4 week's I'm planning to update this page to show progress on the table. I hope that not to much off it gets done the day before the show!

Products we are using include: 

Terra-Former tiles, these are 12" square terrain tiles with embedded rare earth magnets to hold them together. These come with different profiles for roads, rivers, canals, cliffs hills etc.

Stadium Seating

Middle Eastern / North African flat roofed buildings from Sally 4th Outremer Range

Lattice Work Bridges

Wooden Piers and Jetties

Sally 4th Castle Walls and Towers

Renedra Mud Hut Accesory Kit

3D Printed Harbor Wall


Project Update 14th February 2018 - 16 days to go!

Over the last week, particularly last weekend I have been very busy developing the set of scenery for our Lord of the Rings participation game at Hammerhead on 3rd March 2018.

The main updates for the week have been building the arena pit, the base for the lighthouse at the harbor entrance, adding four additional sea tiles, 3D printing city walls and texturing and base coating 15  North African buildings

LOTR SBG Hammerhead 2018

This is our new gladiator pit / arena. This was a very straightforward tile to build. We based it on a '2" high standard terra former tile' added a solid base which we covered with PVA glue and sprinkled sand over. The stone walls were made using textured Plasticard. This is a very useful product for cladding MDF structures. We have recently added a 'Builders Yard' section to website that contains Plasticard sheets, roof tiles, doors and windows etc..

LOTR SBG Hammerhead 2018

All of the Arab / North African buildings have had first stage of painting / texturing applied. Using a tub of ready mixed filler, and my fingers, I smeared filler on to walls to create a bit of an uneven surface and over the corners of the buildings to hide joints. When this had dried, everything was sprayed with a textured spray paint called 'Rust-Oleum' Desret Bisque'. The spray takes a few hours to dry, but has a lovely texture. When it had dried the buildings were drybrused using Sandtex 'Ivory Stone'

The roofs have all been covered with PVA glue and fine aquarium sand has been sprinkled on to texture them. Some of the roofs have had extra details added such as domes, awnings and pottery from the Renedra Mud Brick House Accesories pack.

LOTR SBG Hammerhead 2018

Here we can see work on the city wall. The wall sections, gateway and redoubt are 3D printed and the large tower to the left is the Renedra Tower kit. The main work for this week is to build a platform to sit the city wall on to raise it to the height of the GW Mighty Fortress so that the wall height matches the ramps on the siege towers.

LOTR SBG Hammerhead 2018

The photo above shows the rocks and foundations for the lighthouse. The first couple of storys have been 3D printed already, so hopefully will be able to show some more progress next week.

LOTR SBG Hammerhead 2018

An over view of the harbour, showing the extra sea tiles that I have made this week. The tile on the left has a small rocky island. This is built up on a standard sea tile using cork bark and polystyrene.


Project Update 22nd February - 8days to go!


Lord of the Rings Siege

This weeks activities have been all about the city walls and the siege equipment that the attackers are going to be using.

All of the walls and redoubts needed to be raised by 30mm so that the ramparts are the same height as the Games Workshop Mighty Fortress and Helms Deep because the Sally 4th Siege Towers are designed to be compatible with them. I made 30mm open boxes out of 3mm MDF and clad them with stone textured Plasticard.

Lord of the Rings Siege

The attackers have a wide range of equipment available to help them over the walls and through the gates, including Siege Towers, Penthouse with Ram, ladders from the hasty assault pack, mantlets, wheeled siege ladders and covered ways. Click here to take a look at the Siege Equipment models.

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Of Dice and Men Day 1

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On April 1st I attended a GBHL tournament in Ripon called “Of Dice and Men”. There were 20 people attended the event using the same scenarios as the Grand Tournament. However the catch with “Of Dice and Men” was that the warbands increased to 24 warriors per warband, monsters limited to one for every 10 warriors and everyone got a free Alfred from the old rulebook.

My army for the weekend was that of Spiders. I took Druzhag, Ashrak, Shelob and the Spider Queen leading 26 venombacks, 2 Mirkwood spiders and batswarm.

For my first game I played Louis Aplin and his Dwarf army led by Thrain for a game of domination.



With the Deployment set it looked like the Spiders were greatly outnumbered. Luckily due to the heavy density of terrain on the board, I was able to make use of the bottlenecks to stop the spiders getting swarmed by dwarfs.

Thrain led the charge to try and secure the centre point from Shelob. However she got enraged by Druzhag and killed Thrain and held back the dwarfs. While the spider queen and some helping spiders came from behind the dwarfs line and started to kill them, and the vault wardens also started to suffer from the spiders killing them quickly. However, on the other flank, the dwarfs led by a siege captain were starting to wound the spiders. I was slowly running out of the wound counters I brought to keep track of all the 2 wound models.

As the game drew to an end, the siege captain and his flank of dwarfs reduced in numbers made it to the centre.  W hen we worked out the VP’s in turned out to be a draw.

Game 2 was “To the Death” and I played against Matt Weilding and his Isengard army. It was berserkers backed by 2 pikes and crossbows. With a Gollum and the ring.

As it was modified for GT we could deploy anywhere in our half. He set up near the edge of the board and tried to get a few rounds of shooting off and killed a few spiders.

When the spiders met the Uruks they unfortunately did not last long, however an enraged Shelob managed to get a 12” hurl off and threw him through the mob of Uruks forming around the poor spiders. Luckily I had a lot of prone markers as many were hit but failed to kill many of them. The low defence of the Spiders meant his 4-attack line was able to beat me. I ended up losing my second game.  The Spiders First outing wasn’t going to plan.

My 3rd Game was against JT. He had a Mordor list led by the mouth of Sauron and 3 Orc Siege Bows. The scenario was Hold Ground, which meant maelstrom deployment.

Luckily for me I managed to deploy my army close and in cover of the siege bows, except Shelob who deployed on the other side and had to walk across the board to meet the army.

My first priority was the to kill the siege bows and then try to secure middle. After the first bow fell I sent 4 spiders across the board to hit the second, while my spiders fought a fierce battle to the centre. After managing to break through and get a few spiders to the centre the orcs fell slowly. Shagrat War Leader was heading towards Ashrak (my general) and his 2 spider bodyguards. Luckily as the flanks fell more spiders were coming to the centre.

The Mouth Of Sauron and some orcs trapping him charged one Spider, but somehow he managed to win the fight and kill The Mouth Of Sauron. Meaning that he was broken and the orcs started to flee when courage tests were done.

The game ended and I had more models in the centre and due to protecting my General so I won the game.


So at the End of Day 1, I had 1 win, 1 loss, and a draw.

Take a look here for futher details of status markers.


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