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Pillbox Painting Guide - Sally4th

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We have just released our 28mm pillbox range to prepare for the release of operation Sealion by Bolt Action. These are made from layers of 3mm MDF so when built has a wooden look to it. As they were built from concrete during World War Two we painting and te4xtured them to give them a more realistic look.

For this you will need Sandtex masonry paint, which you are able to buy from any DIY shop. An added bonus is that they come in tester pots so you don’t need to buy a big galleon can from the shop. You will also need an old brush to dry brush, and another old brush for PVA glue and some sand.


Step 1: Coat the pillbox in a thin layer of PVA glue around the pillbox.  Avoiding the door and the top of the pillbox.


Step 2: Then sprinkle the sand over the pillbox trying to keep it away from the door hinges so it can still open and shut. Also on the inside of the pillbox keep the top of it sand free so that the pillbox roof can still fit it.


Step 3: Once dried we use a chocolate masonry paint to undercoat the pillbox. We recommend using water to thin the paint first so it's not to thick and can get in between the sand,


Step 4: We then use “Mid Stone” masonry paint and dry brush the pillbox. To dry brush put a small amount of paint on the brush then using some old card/paper towel get rid of any excess. Then lightly brush the pillbox so the raised areas get painted.


Step 5: Then we use an “Ivory Stone” masonry plaint for the final dry brush on the pillbox to complete the concrete look.




This is a nice and easy technique to paint the pillbox even for beginners. It took me about 30mins to do one pillbox form start to finish. Hopefully this guide will help you get the realistic pillbox look for yours. This technique can also be used for other modern buildings to get the look of concrete.. I’m currently working on some African buildings, for these I’ll need to a dry dirty look so in my next post I’ll take a look of weathering techniques.


For further details see: WW2 British Pillbox


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